14 cents

Since cities like Colorado Springs are trying to make it illegal for anyone to ask for spare change on downtown streets and elsewhere, the State of Colorado in its infinite wisdom and kindness of the bosses has just now raised the minimum wage by 14 cents an hour! Whoopeee!!!!!! Now don’t go out and spend it all in one place, You Miserable Wage Slaves. And remember…. it’s real criminality to be asking anybody for an extra something or other. Shame on you if you persist in doing that.

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  1. Avatar carlos santana says:

    maybe they want to outlaw panhandling so the tourists wont see the panhandlers ,and be reminded that there is poverty and injustice in this city.the 14 cents raise to the minimum wage is like throwing scraps to the peasants.just another reminder that the elitist are still running this circus.

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