Conservative Hero


“I’m a rodeo clown. It takes great skill.”
Glenn Beck

Yes, Glenn… and it takes a really stupid cluck like yourself to today still entertain the hordes of conservative dittoheads as well as Rush once did it with his mean and asinine commentaries way back during the ’80s.

Now just who is this Conservative Heroine and what city does she play from?


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15 Responses to Conservative Hero

  1. Avatar Dano1001 says:

    Wow, that was a really informative article. Just needed to get some hate off your chest?

    Why don’t you back up your dislike of Beck and Malkin with some factual commentary? What is it that they say that is false?

  2. Avatar Tony Logan says:

    Dano, I find it comical that you would object to me supposedly sending out ‘hate’ against 2 current Conservative icons who themselves are specializing personally in directing waves of HATRED onto more ‘liberal’ others and different others than themselves… directing their own HATREDS outward in capital letters trying to do harm and hurt to so many out there. This is what these two are around for and promoted and pushed off onto the public by Conservative American propaganda channels for, is it not, Dano? If you do not believe so, please write us back again and explain to us how you don’t see it that way.

    Just to observe their constant pushing for war and greater hostility towards the Muslim world community alone is enough to make one’s stomach churn. How about Malkin’s defense of American racism for example? See her excrementable book justifying torture and illegal detention…’In Defense of Internment: The Case for ‘Racial Profiling’ in World War II and the War on Terror’ .

    And here below is Glenn Dreck on his ‘BlazeTV’, which personally even targeted little ol’ me last year with his lies, DANO. Never contacted me but he put false and misleading reportage directing violence towards me and my family on his Blaze media site! No problem this sort of thing for him. No problem at all….

    And here he is trying to Muslim bait Obama even! Talk about Mr Hate? It’s gotta be about Glenn Beck, Dano. Not me here on NMT.

    ‘Glenn talked on radio today about GBTV’s stunning documentary Rumors of War III: Target U.S. and how it showed the administration’s shocking ties to the radical Muslim Brotherhood. They are trying to recreate the Arab Spring here in the U.S. & with our (and Europe’s) economy on edge it won’t take much to push us over the cliff. In the clip above from radio, Glenn explains what you can find in the documentary and the dangerous ties between radicals in the White House and radicals in the Muslim Brotherhood. The evidence will shock you!’

    The evidence that Malkin and Beck are two Conservative attack pigs is what is shocking to us, Dano. Now let’s hear your substantive defense of these two Con fuckups and make us laugh, will yuh?!!!! I know that you will!

  3. Avatar Dano1001 says:

    well I carefully read your reply, and I still don’t see any solid facts, just accusations. You really have a personal issue with them. You say that malkin and Beck are constantly pushing for war? that’s bullshit first of all, next you say malkin defends American racism? you are nuts. You are the zealot here. Both of them are passionate American Patriots, and you are correct they do hate, they hate liberalism, and socialism and Marxism and communism

    stop talking in platitudes, tell me how beck directed violence toward you? you are probably one of those that is vehemently against water boarding? until you can give me concrete examples of your accusations, your true colors will continue to come to light

  4. Avatar Tony Logan says:

    Dano, what’s with you, Buddy? I mean a nice Christian like you calling me ‘nuts’? Is that what Jesus would do?

    ‘You say that malkin and Beck are constantly pushing for war? that’s bullshit first of all, next you say malkin defends American racism? you are nuts.’

    Didn’t Malkin actually write her book defending the use of Racial Profiling by the US government, police, and military? And aren’t the both of them, like you, constantly rambling out their obnoxious personal messages of hatred directed toward Muslims, which they support waging a jihad against?

  5. Avatar Dano1001 says:

    I see you still did not address my questions, at all.

    you even tried to deflect, bringing up Jesus, profiling, muslims….. It probably works with your low-information followers.

    is it possible to have a constructive debate with you? If you don’t use concrete facts and you prefer to avoid answering direct questions, it shows that you are wrong. Just what I expected.

    Let me guess.. you have a condition brought on by your lack of a close father figure, and/or lack of love and discipline from them

    I will pray for you regardless of your mis-directed self hate

  6. Avatar Tony Logan says:

    Dano, it is you who is the hopeless one as to debating any real issues, and not myself. I responded to your allegation that Malkin supposedly is not a hate monger by mentioning her book defending throwing certain races in concentration camps and you have said not a word about that yet! Why not?

    ‘Let me guess.. you have a condition brought on by your lack of a close father figure, and/or lack of love and discipline from them’

    Instead of talking about Malkin and Beck you engage in ad hominem insults directed at me disguised as pop psychology lessons. And you are about as much knowledgable about Psych issues as Jerry Springer is.

    Now go and pray to your god of ‘Christian’ hate.

  7. Avatar Juan says:

    Tony….I wouldn’t waste much of my time debating with ‘Dano / Nono” here. I understand thre should be room for debate and argumentative discourse but that can only be done when the parties involved have pretty much an equal level of intelligence and mastering of the subjects to be discussed.

    When Dano stated that both….Glenn Beck and Malkin are…”passionate American Patriots” that was the moment to interrupt the debate, and erase any posting from this obviously and grossly misinformed, right-wing nut.

    He probably would say the same thing about the bigot, and corrupt Lou Dobbs. No wonder why this wonderful country of ours is so fucked up without the chance for intelligent parole.

  8. Avatar Juan says:

    …and one more thing I want to add. Today’s religious conservatives are a bunch of bigot, racist, discriminatory, pro-gun/pro-violence and so far away from the image of a “walking with Christ”-individuals as indicated by the Good Book that they ought to be considered so flawed for even “Salvation”

    They represent modern time’s Pharisees.

  9. Avatar Dano1001 says:

    Juan and Tony, you two homo’s need to get out of your moms basement sometime. retards

  10. Avatar Juan says:

    A problem with blogs all over the web is that they allow people of all educational levels to post indistinctively. Some will call it freedom of speech. I say, to maintain the integrity of an intelligent debate, ban all posting made by people who has not graduated from high school yet, and/or have at least travel to a foreing country other than New Orleans, LA as the means to prove he/she has acquired at the very minimum some level of culture.

    Dano / Nono please stop misusing this distinguished forum to post your ridiculous thoughts.

    Understand that nobody gives a fuck, probably not even your own family ( I bet to dare) about what you think or say, and no, your comments don’t bother me in the absolute, moron.

    Maybe it is time that you go away for good, and try posting your baseless and dumb comments in other blogs that are more entwined to your level of competency. I can suggest or even, or try to spend sometime calling Rush Limbaugh to discuss how an inbreeder like you got to learn how to type.


  11. Avatar Tony Logan says:

    Juan, we are very lenient here on NMT and like you say we do have your standard web troubles with ideological trolls, commercial spam, and even programed spamming (Zionist) sites trashing it up here at times. If Dano1001 cannot elevate his future contributions to beyond just calling people ‘homos’ then we will have to assess what should then be done with him. (Come on, Dano, you can do better than that! Can’t you?)

  12. Avatar Juan says:

    Ufffff…. those Zionist programmed spamming. Those are the worst.!!

  13. Brother Jonah Brother Jonah says:

    Sorry I didn’t read this at the time, Tony. I had a prior engagement with some state officials. I’ll add my last nickel worth of two cents. I don’t know if Beck is still alive. The Oh Really Fiction still pumps out their usual line of pigshit. Still I have the betting pool which i don’t know how to do anyway, as to who gets the closest time at which that vein in his neck explodes and he strokes out right on stage.

    Definitely a crowd who need medicinal marijuana. Take a marley, ignite, inhale, repeat as necessary. They need to go on a “chillin’ spree” Onliest way I found this is some morons are spamming us.

  14. Brother Jonah Brother Jonah says:

    Oh, and the Copservitudatives who need Sedatives are still saying we’re not permitted to talk back to their heroes.

  15. Brother Jonah Brother Jonah says:

    Homo and retard? Damn, this dude was really like sesame seeds here. On a roll… He needs to roll one up. Come in out of the heat,

    As we know, but the Cons don’t know, I don’t get high. But I do recommend it for them. Every herb has its uses. Some people really need it. Beer and Kool-aid doesn’t substitute very well.

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