Hugo Chavez- A great man who will always be remembered

Unknown-25He was an honest man who defended and spoke up always for the poor and oppressed, while all the other so called leaders of the capitalist world side ultimately only with the super rich rateros who are looting our planet and making most of us live in destitute misery and without human rights. Hugo Chavez was a true world hero. If you want to know more about just what he devoted his life to, check out this film that can be seen on youtube. Hugo Chavez Speaking Freely.

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7 Responses to Hugo Chavez- A great man who will always be remembered

  1. Avatar Michael Celtland says:

    Dude you need to wake up to reality.

    God bless America.

  2. Avatar Tony Logan says:

    Michael, the truth is that your idea of ‘God’, ‘reality’, and ‘America’ all really suck. Thanks for visiting NMT though.

  3. Avatar Juan says:

    You hit the nail right on the head, Tony. Love reading your articles. They often express views so advanced for the American mainstream society to understand. Keep up the good work.

  4. Avatar Juan says:

    It is important to know that Hugo Chavez defined modern socialism and conformed it to the shape of the needs of the people.

    For the first time ever, profits from Petrocaribe was utilized during Chavez’ administration to bring relief, food supplies, humanitarian services to people who couldn’t afford it otherwise.

    Under their medical programs, Venezuela flew in thousands of people from different countries to be surgically attended and treated for glaucoma, and other eye-threatening diseases for free.

    Even people who, under the colors of the Revolution, were not known to be one of Chavez’ followers was a Bolivian citizen who was one of the executioners of the Che Guevara, was treated medically in Venezuela at no cost to him. Talking about loving your enemies.

    Chavez will be remembered by his followers, his enemies, and the world as a true leader who tried, despite the oposition of the world’s elitist superpowers.

    A man of the people….For The People!!

  5. Avatar Dano1001 says:

    Yeah, one of the greatest things Chavez did was to confiscate large parcels of land which belonged to Venezuelan families for decades, and then give it to his Government cronies. What a great guy, you and Sean Penn are awesome

  6. Avatar Juan says:

    Of course, Danoo….it was a great thing. Thousands of acres of land being left to rotten and erode while super rich families did nothing to work them. The appropriation of “waste land” to help feed the poor is not a crime nor nothing to despise. it is philanthropy at the best level.

    In the perfect society, you want to be a landlord?, you better work the land my friend,

    We are all stewards of the land, and Chavez understood this.

  7. Avatar Dano1001 says:

    Juan, you are what is known as a useful idiot, stewards of the land to you, thieves to anyone with a third grade education. You are a fool and a Marxist sympathizer. The land was stolen from legal owners and given to Chavez cronies, it wasn’t utilized to produce for the people. You probably love Che Guevera as well, have you even studied these people, or do you get your info from your pot smoking friends in berkley

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