In defense of China against US imperialism today

images-40 China and Russia might have both been turned backwards towards capitalism by their own ‘communist parties’, but that is no reason today to let them remain undefended while under constant threats of direct military attack by Western Imperialism led by the Pentagon and Nato.

And YES, they of the huge Chinese population, are under constant threat from ‘us’! Everybody knows that the rabble made up by almost all of our US neighbors could be whipped into a blood frenzy in seconds flat in support of yet more wars. Who is even opposing the wars the US government and its military are currently waging? The ‘liberals’? PLEASE— DON”T MAKE US LAUGH UNCONTROLLABLY!

So that all being said, check out this commentary from Counterpunch- The Irrational, Racist Fear of China —Nice to see the plain truth spoken so clearly.

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