Maybe the US should just make all those marriages illegal?

images-48___ The two sides are both lined up to shoot each other down as to who should all be allowed to marry in the US, which is the one form of prostitution now fully supported by religion if engaged in by a man and a woman. Sure too though, in the US prostitution is basically now illegal if you don’t film the act, distribute the porn film then for sales, and get that series of actions labeled as all being interpreted as ‘art’ by The State. No other idiocy in modern society quite like lawyers, cops, and judges telling us what is art and what is supposedly not, is there? …for lowball comedy, that is.

So some acts of prostitution are legal, while other types of prostitution are not. But why not just make all forms of marriage a form of prostitution that the state US Police State outlaws? After all, many marriages are acts of prostitution that often lead to child abuse and other crimes against humanity taking place. Especially so, when the marriages are of a man and a woman living together as economic unit blessed by The Church.

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7 Responses to Maybe the US should just make all those marriages illegal?

  1. Avatar confused? says:

    How is marriage considered prostitution? Are you saying a man basically buys his wife? I just know that my marriage is not like that we share everything. We married out of love to share a life together build a family. Just confused about how it’s legal prostitution for making a promise to someone.

  2. Avatar Tony Logan says:

    I am sure that many have very nice marriages and I think that my own marriage is a nice one, too, confused. However… marriage has most traditionally been a pledge by a man to support a woman financially in some form or the other. In turn, traditionally the woman was prepared to do certain things in exchange for that for the man.

  3. Avatar confused? says:

    But people marry for love now in modern society we have house husbands now marriages are not arranged in this country so still not grasping your point. This is not the dark ages where women get married off by fathers in exchange for alliances or to further wealth.

  4. Avatar Tony Logan says:

    Marriage might have morphed somewhat into pure ‘love’ (mainly a fiction for romantics to believe in), but ‘The State’ everywhere continues to see marriage much as just a legal contract. We can see this especially in how the police and government come after men for their monies when the men have been divorced, whether through their own actions or that of their wives. Simply put, the state treats divorce as if it were a breach of contract by the men.

    ‘This is not the dark ages where women get married off by fathers in exchange for alliances or to further wealth.’

    Still, women themselves most often get married through their own actions weighing how they will supposedly will be able to advance themselves socially and financially by the marriage. Hence, we can compare that action quite easily to what is involved when a woman prostitutes herself in a single sex act for money.

  5. Avatar Dano1001 says:

    marriage, a form of prostitution supported by religion, and YOU are married? maybe your wife was/is a prostitute but mine isn’t/wasn’t.
    dude go to rehab, you have sunken so far down morally. you really need help

  6. Avatar Juan says:

    You are absolutely right, Tony. Marriage has become such a dull institution made for the sole purpose of economic benefits that it is not wonder that, according to some studies, over 40% of today’s marriages are doomed to fail, and it is becoming more and more difficult to draw the line between love and prostitution, basically.

    Not long ago, some senil tycoon filed for divorce from his beautiful, considerably younger wife who have also filed a lawsuit against him for not honoring his promise to divide his fortune if things ever got dicey, for example.

    If the institution of marriage is based on a mutual promise of everlasting love, why is it that one of the most important documents to be drafted nowadays as suggested by marriage counselors is the pre-nup agreement?

    Why is it that it is still a fact that some marriages are pre-arranged, if it wasn’t to keep a particular social level among the parties to be or because of some financial perks to be bestowed on them?

    If you want to have a little taste of how gross and humiliating even the act of dating, as a first step towards marriage, is nowadays, just watch The Bachelor. The competition between bimbos to mate with a moron to the extent of allowing themselves to be humilliated and stripped of any dignity left, for money, can only be compared to the reason why Danno/Nono’s wife decided to marry him ( if it is true he is married). We will never know.

  7. Avatar confused? says:

    I just know i didnt marry my husband for money, we were broke when we got married. Its true our marriage is traditional i stay home with the kids but thats because child care is expensive. I worked when we met our marriage was far from pre areanged or for money.

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