Obama continues to occupy Korea with Pentagon troops as one part of multiple US proxy wars against Russia and China

WW1 and WW2 began because various (mainly European) capitalist powers began to battle each other over ownership and control over their multiple world wide colonies. Today, the US corporate world has their US government battling the newest capitalist powers, Russia and China, over who will control the world’s scattered and now rapidly dwindling natural resources.

This continually aggressive imperialist policy of both the Democratic and Republic Party political hacks now once again endangers future prospects for any world peace, as the US government and capitalist class have engaged in multiple campaigns to garner complete control over The Balkans, the Middle East, Central Asia, and Africa. North Korea, ally China’s co-nuclear power, is now saying that they do not want to enter into yet a 7th decade of being under constant attack by the Pentagon and its D.C. masters, and the American public as well as much of the European public slumbers on. Why? Can we not imagine what it would be like to be under constant attack by outside powers for generations and generations like the Korean population has been?

Almost none of the European and US Left even bothers to even begin a campaign against a possible WW3 breaking out tomorrow, and a possible nuclear war happening at that! How insane we have all become. These are the same conditions in international capitalist competition that caused the misery of WW1 and WW2 to be handed out to the world’s ‘commoners’. A rude awakening will eventually come if we do not make it wake-up time now. It is always much better to head off a disaster rather than simply respond to the barbarism that will be unleashed through our own collective inaction if we were to continue to slumber on.

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