Slam Bam, no thank you, Mam- the ‘flashbang’ bra holster bad idea

old_ladyThe gun fetishists are never at a loss, it seems, to come up with bad ideas when it comes to their sick love of guns. This one is guaranteed to cause more harm than good… FLASHBANG (BRA) HOLSTER: An Overview.

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10 Responses to Slam Bam, no thank you, Mam- the ‘flashbang’ bra holster bad idea

  1. Avatar confused? says:

    Hell yeah I want duck a,rape whistle and peeing on your self whip out 45 and they can puss themselves

  2. Avatar confused? says:

    Excuse the auto correct what I meant was hell yeah I want it fuck a rape whistle and peeing on your self I can whip out my 45 and make my attacker piss themselves I know who you guys are grammer nazis or just nazis in general so better if I correct it.

  3. Avatar Tony Logan says:

    Confused, you are not one of those confused and poorly educated people who think that Nazis are the same as commies and anarchists and vice versa, are you?

  4. Avatar confused? says:

    No just confused on what this page stands for, and its political views. You obviously want gun control which goes agsinst our amendments, still want free speech, don’t like our armed forces. Yet your not a liberal I can clearly see you hate both the left and right wing.

  5. Avatar Tony Logan says:

    First off, I do not really HATE anybody, Confused. As to where I stand?… , I am a Left Winger socialist (communist, if you like… ) but not so very doctrinaire about it. I know quite well what doctrinaire marxists are usually like and it is not always a real pretty scene. Equally so when we come to consider those who might best be described as doctrinaire conservatives and doctrinaire liberals, or doctrinaire ‘libertarians’ and doctrinaire Christians of any and all denominations. It seems that doctrines generally were written many generations and even centuries ago, thus following them blindly leaves a lot to be desired if one wishes to also be considered as somewhat logically inclined.

    Please explain why you consider gun proliferation limiting legislation to be against ‘our amendments’? Whose ‘amendments’? Whose ‘constitution’? And why would anybody be for having guns all over the place? As an antiwar activist it flows logically that we should want to round up these damn guns and stop using them all the time on ‘others’.

  6. Avatar confused? says:

    The second amendment of the united states, I own guns always carry and I am not out causing trouble. I know for a fact a criminal is most likely untrained on how to handle a weapon, I also.know banning guns would not stop gun violence. Criminals dont follow laws so banning would do nothing besides raise crime rates. Look at Chicago and its gun laws.

  7. Avatar Tony Logan says:

    Sorry. The Constitution is one old and sorry historical document that is way outdated and completely backward in content by now. The 2nd Amendment should be totally junked in the form it was written way back in 1791, just like the section once used in making slavery legal was eventually junked and done away with as well. In fact, we need an entirely REWRITTEN NEW constitution altogether!

    Most modern day human rights are not even contained in the old US Constitution as written in the 18th Century many generations ago. Why should anybody today still be inclined to continue to base all law on such? The Constitution is just a plain backward and dangerous doctrine!

    Here it is then… the outdated 2nd amendment of the US Constitution…

    ‘A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.’

    “A well regulated militia’? Hahaha! You’re kidding us, aren’t you, Confused? Are you in that ‘well regulated militia’, Confused, with your personal gun collection? I hope that you, or a loved one, don’t actually get to use your guns. Guns are designed to KILL, whether you or another aim properly and appropriately or not.

    Here is more that was in the Constitution as written…

    Article 1st, section 2d: “Representatives and direct taxes shall be apportioned among several States which may be included within this Union, according to their respective numbers, which shall be determined by adding to the whole number of free persons, including those bound to service for a term of years, and including Indians not taxed, three-fifths of all other persons.”

    Article 4 Section 2- ‘No Person held to Service or Labour in one State, under the Laws thereof, escaping into another, shall, in Consequence of any Law or Regulation therein, be discharged from such Service or Labour, but shall be delivered up on Claim of the Party to whom such Service or Labour may be due.’

    The US Constitution is a complete mess of historical compromises and historical misuse of power. Time to get rid of all of it!

  8. Avatar confused? says:

    The second amendment was written in case of tyrant government the first amendment was written so for wood block printing presses yet here you are writing so should we censor this site since it has anti government articles on it?

  9. Avatar Tony Logan says:

    You have not made the case that the American fairy tale version of the American Revolution is real history, or not, Confused.

    ‘The second amendment was written in case of tyrant government’

    It is much more real history that the 2nd Amendment was written by slave owners FOR slave owners. These slave owners lived in the more Southern colonies (states) and were absolutely preoccupied about what their Northern allies in the fight against the British Crown wanted to do in the near future. Therefore they wanted a guarantee that they could raise armies (militias) based in their own states and not be seen as treasonous for doing so. The southern colony slave owners were the tyrants!

  10. Avatar Juan says:

    Well said, Tony.

    It just strikes me hard, everytime, when I hear people advocate the Second Ammendment to justify their fetish for guns. Yes. That’s what it is. A fetish.

    I am also apalled at how little do many Americans know about our own history. It seems as if, when reading the Second Ammendment, they can only figure out the phrase…”the right to bear arms shall not be infringed”, and overlook the other freakin’ three thousand words that compiled the entire amendment.

    But I am not going there mainly ’cause Confused is not paying for teaching classes, but definitely she should go back to a higher learning institution to learn a little bit more about our Constitution.

    The reality is that guns don’t make you or any one in your family safer. They become a liability at any level of ownership. A liability so risky, most people that chose to use them end up in our criminal/penal system, even when used for self defense.

    It has always been said that the best defense IS NOT TO OFFEND, and that’s something the morons at the NRA fail to disclose to its loose cats/members.

    Most women packing heat nowadays do it merely to satisfy their confidence-lacking husbands/boyfriends even at the risk of becoming a victim themselves with the same gun sought to protect them.

    I was near a gun range (Shoot Straight) in Orlando, Fl the day a mother stood behind her teenage son while he was shooting a pistol, put the barrel of a gun right behind his neck and pulled the trigger.

    A mother!!!!! I mean, what the fuck????

    Gun ownership conjures the need for responsibility at such higher levels that most people in America could very well be deemed unfit for ownership.

    Just look at the dementia carrying audience crying when a particular dancer in “Dancin with the Stars” gets kicked out of the program. That itself should be a reason booked them in the closest mental facility.

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