The powerful super rich old farts of the US need to stop throwing America’s youth into deep debt

The following facts show America’s superrich thugs to be absolutely shameless. They all claim to be patriots as they feed off the blood of the country’s youth, too. The $1 trillion student debt should about be written off the books and taken out of the national militarism budget. Shame on the US superrich and shame on the ordinary American for being so damn stupid as well! (In June 2010, the amount of student loan debt reached $830 billion, exceeding the amount of U.S. credit card debt for the first time ever, and it grew to more than $1 trillion by October 2011. At more than $27,000, the average graduate’s student loan debt has more than doubled between 2005 and 2012.) See Do We Need to Change Bankruptcy Rules for Student Loans?

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