April 7th, Let Us All Set Colorado Springs on Fire!

— Local selections are coming up, and we shall see an obscenity take place once again as local Colorado Springs …ugh.. ‘pragmatists’ move into inaction in mass. YES! -We know their game plan here, as it will be ‘voting for the supposed lesser of 2 evils’ time once again for America’s most clueless political lemmings. The Democratic Party morons who always call themselves ‘liberals’ and ‘progressives’ will be voting for who they see as the lesser of evils in our beloved Fort Springs. And who will that be? LMAO at their idiocy…. It will be for a registered Republican! It’s just so very very ironic really….

OK…OK… Nationally last time they voted for a Clintonite fake-o called Barracks O’bombs-away, who is actually Republican in policies covertly, while being gliberal overtly…yada yada yada and vomit ola… But here at home these same fools, who always think of themselves as being ‘liberals’, ‘pragmatists’, and ‘progressives’ are actually planning to vote for a registered Republican this time, all because her last name is ‘Makepeace’. Myself, I would favor this woman becoming an honest lady and changing her name to Mary Lou ‘Do-nothing’ instead. But that simply will not happen, I am absolutely sure it won’t. It just won’t /// Honesty really takes place very seldom in politics.

So what is all this about setting Colorado Springs on fire come April 7th? Well it is quite simple actually. Fed up with a life time of personally repeatedly observing our phony pretend ‘democracy’ and pretend ‘elections’ in the US, always always totally totally manipulated completely completely by Big Corporate Money, I will be personally setting myself on fire election day, April 7, in front of the municipal bldg, downtown. And you know what? You can too! In fact the more of us who do so, the more we will be talking ‘truth to power’ and also making a low cost light show ahead of the annual Fourth Of The Same Old Bullshit celebrations coming up soon. It’s not really ‘protest’… It’s direct participation in our fabled Democratic system here in Unthinking Shitards of Assholelandia…. USA! USA! USA!! Let us showcase our great land! Fire it up!

So show your patriotism and light up the city this election day! A hundred of us setting ourselves on fire all at one time, would make the world notice just how democratic our beloved USA really really is! So go to it, Patriots! Light up the deep dark night of the US of A! Snoring away and ‘voting’ for ‘Do-nothing’ will do absolutely nothing.

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3 Responses to April 7th, Let Us All Set Colorado Springs on Fire!

  1. Avatar Chuck Noland says:

    Setting yourself on fire might be counterproductive, but I support your right to do so.

  2. Avatar Tony Logan says:

    Thanks, Chuck. Because of your comment, I decided finally that setting my self on fire this election would not start off any ‘Colorado Spring’. It would actually take at least Russia using nuclear weapons to set off the Yellowstone super volcano to disturb the political rigor mortis of this ungodly but churchly military haven.

    In fact, Hitler never had the German people as quiescent as the American people today have been turned into We don’t live under what has been called ‘friendly fascism’, but rather under something we should surely label as being somnolent fascism…. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  3. Avatar Hammerheart says:

    I have to live in CS. Tell me about it.

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