The sad fall of the Jewish religion into becoming a mainly political text for turning out neo fascist robots

‘It is hammered into us that the history of Jewry has been brought to an end and that Israel is its end point. Israel functions as an eraser of Jewish history, of memory, of languages, of traditions and of Jewish identities. Israeli politics is not only criminal against the Palestinian people. It claims to be the heir of Jewish history when it has misrepresented that history and betrayed it. Israel knowingly puts the Jews in danger wherever they find themselves. And it transforms them into robots summoned to justify the unjustifiable.’ –This is an excerpt from a great commentary found this weekend on the Counterpunch website at ‘The Avant-Garde of Islamophobia-Israel Against the Jews’

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4 Responses to The sad fall of the Jewish religion into becoming a mainly political text for turning out neo fascist robots

  1. Avatar Juancito says:

    Israel’s crusade against its own people, or the poisonous enterprises of pitting jews against jews is nothing new.

    We can track their lack of loyalty to their own all the way back to Cain and Abel’s times and, in the whole scheme of Jewish priority lies money and power, and everything that deviates from it seems to be unholy.

    Deceipt, betrayal, treason, and every other despicable trait that separates “pestilentia” from civility, morals and ethics can be found at the very heart of Jewish society.

    If think of the above statement as politically wrong, and discriminatory and prejudiced, please refer to your text books all the way to the Good Book and find the answers yourself.

    In the modern world, Israel’s destiny and future as a nation couldn’t be any more grim.
    On the elections, which it should happen sometime today or whatever, the country will decide whether renew the mandate period for a lunatic, murderous, extremist and corrupted government or an inexperienced, Zionist-fascist candidate.

    Anyway or any color you paint that portrait, it just don’t look right.

  2. Avatar Tony Logan says:

    I have real trouble when I listen to your rather idiotic and racist take on what is after all a fairy tale about 2 brothers, Juancito. To try to use the Bible to promote hatred of Jews is completely counter to what the author of the counterpunch commentary, PIERRE STAMBUL, had to say. You seemed to have learned nothing by reading what he had to say about Israel and Jewish history.

  3. Avatar Juancito says:

    You must be tired from reading all the bs in the news, Tony. That’s why I won’t hold it against you. Now, you should take a little more time to read between the lines in my comment you will see that the reference to the bible stories is just a small space between the spaces.

    And of course, to label my comment as racist, when I had not refer to race issues at all within my context is idiotic. Could it be discriminatory perhaps?? Only if you want to make it.

    There is very little that you and or Pierre Stambul that I can learn about Israel and Jewish history, having lived there duringg a period of my life and being married to a practicing jewish lady for over twenty years.

    So, visit Lenscrafters soon to check on your reading capabilities before having the urge to label a comment as racist.

  4. Avatar Tony Logan says:

    Juan, it is no small little thing when racists like you, go out and reference The Bible to help yourselves go on to further label the Jewish religion as being treasonous and despicable. Is that not the centuries old line of anti Jewish racists who held pogroms and genocides to try to exterminate Jews, supposedly all only to help somehow redeem Christ and Christians? Is it not historically held by Christians that THEIR Bible tells a story of Jewish betrayal of Jesus, supposed son of God? Of course it is the case. To state this story as if it were fact, is to seek God’s supposed approval for your own hatred of Jews.

    Racists like you hold it true that Jews all have it supposedly down to their very GENES, nothing less than total ‘treachery’ and ‘despicable’ behavior, don’t you? I mean you just got through telling us this, did you not?

    I do not need a new prescription for my glasses for what you wrote, Juan. It’s still right there in front of us, and I read you right to begin with, in fact.

    Plus, just what is a ‘practicing jewish lady’? Personally, I know that practicing christian ladies and practicing atheist ladies come in all shapes and forms. Sorry that your marriage went bad for you though.

    And I can imagine that life in Israel was rather discomforting, because it is truly is a society like the US, that is totally alienating to people not completely into militarism and hatred of what is considered ‘the other’. However it seems that you still are into hatred of ‘the other’, Juan. It’s just that now you consider ‘the other’ to be Jews as a group who you think of as treacherous and despicable… a complete ENTIRE people, to YOU and I guess CHRIST, too. The Bible tells you so, in fact is what you just wrote here on NMT?

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