47 El Paso Kounty Klansmen embarked to AZ as MinuteMen


It was on DumbFox Noose Nutwerx. I really don’t like bigotry and this is indeed bigotry.

I have tee-shirts for sale on Cafe Press and this is one…

And it was done with a scanner, held my hand over it for about a minute to get the picture. Didn’t have a digital cam at that moment. Worth every second of the pain too.

But, yeah, at the time Sheriff Maketa was running a training camp for the Ku Klux Klan/slash/MinuteMen and no, I don’t make any distinction between the two groups of Angry Frightened White Guys who band together to commit hate crimes. Frankly, they test my policy of Thou shalt not Hate.

I got cornered in El Paso Texas 30 years ago actually 31 when I went to the southeast side of town to see if my sometimes employer had any work for me, got there about 5 a.m. and was waiting outside and across the street from his office.  There were a couple of dudes who were undocumented and I just did not care, standing on the next corner waiting for their ride. All of a sudden, a black unmarked van comes ripping down the street, pulls a U-turn right in front of me and the door opened, out jumped 5 guys with machine guns (the little pocket size ones, Uzi or Mac9 or whatever, didn’t know, didn’t care. All I saw of them was the muzzles and they looked bigger than manhole covers.)

They had masks on, black fatigues, no insignia, spoiler alert they were La Migra but I had no way of knowing that. Shit, there were Salvadoran and Cuban death squads haunting El Paso because the Crack epidemic was underway. Thank you Reagans sons and Reagans henchmen/slash/accomplices like Ollie North. (Semper Fi Bitch) and other treasonous murderous bastards.

And they were screaming at me in Spanish, a language I did not yet know. I thought that they were looking for a friend of mine named Nacho and all I could think of was o my god Nacho done ripped off the Colombians and now I’m gonna die …. So I pulled out my best grade-school Spanish, said Perdones, senores, no hablo nada espanol… por favor habla ingles?

They exchanged pissed off looks, took off their masks and told me in quite understandable english that they were border patrol and “donde nacio?” did not mean Where is Nacho but instead Where were you born. Then after checking my ID and all they told me it was my fault for “looking Mex”

And these were the Professionals. About the same time their comrades in Arizona shot a guy who was running back into Mexico. He was on a 8 foot tall chain link fence and they shot, upward into his belly. Then they lied and said he was throwing rocks at them. And the Hate Filled Klan judges bought their explanation. Nobody at the hearings (they were trying the Mexican dude) questioned how in hell would you be able to climb a chain link fence carrying a rock. RockS because that’s what ShooterPiggie said.

So now we have these amateurish Haters allied with the Night Riders. What would be really even worse is if they actually get really good at it.

Even though stupid people with guns and no training are very dangerous. Stupid hate-filled people with guns and training are pretty bad too. They want to force their fear and despair onto others. Think they’ll get some power, maybe not be so very afraid of the fact that the majority in America aren’t of English descent.

Even the majority of white european people in America aren’t English. Kicks a big hole in their assertion that White is Right and that God had personally annointed the English to rule over America and the rest of the world.

They need to get over themselves. I grew up in the South in the 60s and 70s and they killed Dr King when I was just 7. I saw the decline of the ostensible power of the Night Riders, the power they want back.  I thought the centuries of Stupid were over. Guess they’re still as stupid and dangerous as always. They’ve always had a majority of the Police in their camp. I guess that never went away either.









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