a little bit of trumpster diving…

A lot of his bullshit is alarming but the only difference between Trump and Hillarious is that she’s smart enough to usually not say it out loud and on camera. But, as there is a theoretical possibility that either of them will win the presidency. Which is more a puppet dictatorship every day. But the policies of more racism, more summary street executions, less civil and individual rights, war, more war, and so forth have mostly been put in place and enforced when Ms Clinton had lower rank but more power. True story. The real problem is his followers. They probably by now understand they aren’t going to win any election. And they’re crazy with Fear masked by overt hatred. If the shooting really heats up, we’re screwed. end of sentence period. The first problem is there won’t be enough living to bury the new and starting-to-stink dead. Feral animals looking for humans to feed them… literally.
Feral humans bunkered and armed and still afraid.

Let’s look at some of the proposed policies…

Registering all Americans like convicted sex offenders.

Waterboarding even people who have been demonstrated not guilty. Says he has no problem with it.

Indeterminate and at whim imprisonment without even the sick pathetic pretense which IS the American Court System. Both of those are specific to Gitmo and accused jihadiim, right?

Try the Central Park Rape case. He still insists the defendants, literally children when they were slammed into prison for a rape they did not commit… are “animals” and must have been doing something heinous because the cops never arrest somebody without good reason…

He’s not prejudiced against Blacks and we know this because he has a habit of telling us that he isn’t a bigot. Bigotry is so much a social taboo that those afflicted with it deny it.

And there’s the loudest and most fervent of his disciples, who make him seem sane and civilized by comparison.

And where was Miss Hillary all this time?

I propose, as neither one of them has the courage or righteousness to do anything about Waterboarding or arrests with no due process, or executing people who were never really proven guilty. Or even if they were. Same difference. Killing is murder. I propose both be simultaneously waterboarded for oh, 5 times before being given a chance to confess. Trump says his business contacts could resolve all the issues, Why Haven’t They? At all.

Well? and the first to confess gets life in Gitmo or Sterling CF here or maybe Coffield in Texas. The other gets summarily executed, as we all know that anybody who doesn’t confess must be guilty.

As previously mentioned, the only differences between them are gender and that Silly Hilly isn’t dumb enough to spew loud boasts about her crimes or her politics (and their shared political superego is a crime) Trump said the Central Park 5 should never have been exonerated simply because they didn’t actually do the crime for which they were convicted. The reasoning is, simply, that everybody is guilty of something. So, why not waterboard his bitch ass and get a full confession and have him sign a “voluntary” lifetime commitment order. And let the Central Park 5 decide which facility he should have to make his new forever home. Fair is fair. If, as it seems likely, one or the other of these two very bad choices actually wins. Then everybody on the planet loses. It’s not so much bashing their record, they do that to themselves. So far The Trumpster has managed to insult about 75% of the projected voters. Stupid shit like making people register like Sex offenders by reason of their religion. Or ethnicity. There are fewer people every day who won’t deal with his businesses, especially not any real estate deal.

It’s simple, really, if you wouldn’t buy or rent property from him then you probably shouldn’t buy his leadership.

Hillary the same way. Only, like I said, she at least doesn’t call a press release about her crimes. Executions without knowing exactly who they’re shooting is common under her watch. And they make a statement that “we don’t know who exactly got killed in this crowded population center, we just know they were terrorists”. Maybe have a remote controlled Torture Drone, nah… that’s going a bit overboard.

But it’s not really about Hill and Don. They’re each a null cypher. Meaningless. The problem is how rabid their supporters have gotten and how much farther it can be multiplied.

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