Agent Orange Blues

Recently Monsanto did for Bayer what Dupont and Dow had done to Monsanto and each other in a massive flustercluck. Passed the ball. Can’t play on one field anymore so they take the ball to another stadium. That’s a horrible analogy. But they bounced it this time to a German jurisdiction. Isn’t it a wonderful surprise that happened just when a) American vets and Vietnamese people had a chance to actually win a small victory. and b) by golly the EU is in turmoil in every aspect. Meaning in simpler terms, the BigPigs have the chance to have the entire litigation restarted, with c) completely disenfranchised-by-death plaintiffs. d) damn I’m good at alliteration. AND the really indiscriminate use of another grisly pair of defoliants, RoundUp and Paraquat, well, the lawsuits about them is in the same swirly device in our collective bathroom. Simpler: pooped out and flushed. ProPublica has a few articles running about it. And there’s the U.S. wing of the BigPigs getting their share of the pie. Now the only really funded source of treatment (far too often long-term palliative care. Hospice.

The only big money source to get anything settled, the Veterans Affairs, are under attack by congressional minions of BigPig Inc. Who are trying to cut VA funding in order to make sure that Veterans (and by extension the “enemy”) can’t get the necessary treatment and that would depend on accurate data on what exactly is happening and how. Congress, damn them all, have set a trap. A non-funded mandate to actually provide the care including research into the causes of what everybody knows is the Agent Orange Epidemic. RoundUp is sold at the grocery store in the garden section. While it isn’t the SAME chemical as Paraquat and AO, but it’s not the weedkiller itself killing people.  It’s dioxins, which are a byproduct of the AO or Paraquat or RoundUp.

The Yankee Government snitched each other off way back in the 1970s. The DEA sprayed Paraquat on Mexican merry ju wanna and then, after it had been going on for months, told American jokers, smokers and midnight jokers that the DOD had evidence that the dioxins, especially when heated up to, oh, the burning point of cellulose which hovers around 451 degrees fahrenheit. Like the book. And the movie. And when a, for instance a doper or perhaps a soldier who had gotten the shit detail of burning the dead vegetation, or a peasant family in VietNam and whichever third world homeland who got bombed back to the stone age at irregular intervals used some of the dead plants as firewood, and thus got the overheated chemical fumes from the AO but more precisely the dioxins… well, that person or persons was plucked? Mucked? Trucked? Ducked? I know it’s something like that… because it caused cell ruptures in the fastest death scenario and is carcinogenic with orthopædic problems from scoliosis to arthritic damage in the longest term.

Yeah, take that, Pentagon! Your narc comrades sold you out ha ha! Except they’re just a subsidiary of GlobalRule LLC and Incorporated. Doing business in every land under the trademark Global Ruin.

You know that stupid fucking RoundUp©™ Monsanto commercial with the two homeowners having a ‘showdown’ fast draw as to whose weed killer was faster, and the one about (done in a deep mucho macho voice over, the narrator also does commercials for SUVs and other fake masculine strap-ons) Where the modern Urban Cowboy Warrior Tough Guy bullshit artist is “protecting his family from weeds”


I often wonder how somebody would stoop that low. The actors and the scriptwriters don’t get a measurable fraction of a percentage of what their Masters get.

Yeah. Their friends in the Tobacco industry tried to silence the video with a cowboy strolling through a cancer ward and the Marlboro commercial sound was dubbed into the soundtrack? ” come all the way up to Marlboro Country … And the shrill hissie-fits the strident Corporate Lawyers threw when a poster/slash/Tee-shirt depicting Joe Camel dying with tubes and monitors all over and in him… from cancer…? They’re the same lawyers who have been steadily battling for Monsanto and other subsidiaries of BigPig Inc. With defense tactics like ridiculing people who have been killed or maimed or both by their products.

Oh, and any ConAgra or Kraft “food”? Same umbrella.

The cops, judges and military are almost at the lowest level of Subsidiaries, just above lichens but still way below jackals.

Back to strictly the Agent Orange thing, yeah, Congress set VA to take a fall. They calculated how much it would take to resolve veteran health issues, demanded that the doctors accomplish that and then gave them about 15% (just a guess) of that money

Overmandate and underfund  and then blame the doctors , LOUDLY and stridently like Big Tobacco’s lawyers, like they’ve done to anybody or group of anybodies who makes or made or will in the future be Straw – men. Scapegoats, Boogie Men.

‘Oh, and lest I forget, the Monsanto Madmen have been working since at least the middle of the 80s to genetically modify tobacco to be resistant to the Agent Orange Family.

Because AO works on plants that are already sprouted.. In order to control weeds in the fields AFTER your crop is growing can’t involve RoundUp/Paraquat/Agent Orange/Death on a stick©®™.

But if your tobacco crop is resistant you can spray the living dogshit out of it. You’re already killing more than a million of your most loyal customers every year, what’s a few more? Greed Kills.

Number of deaths for leading causes of death:

  • Heart disease: 614,348
  • Cancer: 591,699
  • Chronic lower respiratory diseases: 147,101
  • Accidents (unintentional injuries): 136,053
  • Stroke (cerebrovascular diseases): 133,103
  • Alzheimer’s disease: 93,541
  • Diabetes: 76,488
  • Influenza and Pneumonia: 55,227
  • Nephritis, nephrotic syndrome and nephrosis: 48,146
  • Intentional self-harm (suicide): 42,773
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