Air Force propaganda show on the telly

about the capabilities of the B52. How in the first Gulf War they bombed the living dogshit out of Iraqi ground targets, then bombing a Taliban convoy in vietraqistan. “Oh, look, we killed a whole bunch of people with these really expensive toys so we must be doing good, even though we haven’t actually won any of the wars in question.”

They dropped a few million dollars worth of bombs on the Taliban convoy.  Bragging about it. That was about 14 years ago, they keep telling us how we’re winning. Love that “we” shit, paleface. (it’s from a Lone Ranger joke) when all I see is all of us not getting medical care, not getting improved infrastructure, not getting anything done except making more enemies for our kids and doing it millions of dollars at a time. According to the Air Force the B52 carries 312k pounds that’s a third of a million pounds roughly. It doesn’t say how much money that is.

That link takes you to an air farce website. This one takes you to an oil company price list. It’s about  40,000   gallons per fillup. at roughly $1.37 a gallon $53,430. Per flight. And the Air Force dumps excess fuel before landing. It’s a war thing. You wouldn’t want a whole bunch of highly flammable/explosive liquid right under your butt if, as often has happened, your bird is injured. Bullet holes or shrapnel holes in the fuselage. A hot landing.

My paycheck  as an Airman Basic E1 was 420 dollars a month. It would be 1556 today. That’s officially poverty level. A captain, such as the pilot of a B52, gets assuming 4 years in rank, $5287.20. The plane eats about 11 months pay for the pilot. (and the B52 has a Crew.) Per Flight. Maintenance is done daily. With a much larger ground crew.Of course they would be making 2 1/2 grand a month apiece. Where did our money go? Why can’t we have such basic services as actually inspecting dams, bridges, railroads, oh, here’s a good one Levees like during Katrina…? Just assume I’m really slow, like Voting Republican type slow. Where did our money go? Why the multi trillion dollar deficit?  Is ANYBODY confused about where our national economy went? I really don’t think so. But there seems to be a lot of people who are really damned complacent and will pay anything the War Mongers want.


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