Baton Rouge police “militarization”

Even the Military have rules of engagement. Not that any US military are ever going on trial for war crimes, Reagan and Both BushWankers promised they would never allow that to happen. And since they’re fighting non-government resistance groups in the nations they have violently and without a cause invaded umm.. are nobly protecting and giving freedom to those oppressed yeah, that’s the ticket… the murders they commit is not counted as a War Crime and the propped up post-coup “legitimate governments” are complicit with American troops murdering their people… But here’s a thing, with an explanation threaded throughout, there is a code involving pointing weapons or having them loaded at all is only something you do in a Free Fire Zone, one in which you would expect just anybody other than your comrades is an enemy. They made this clear to ME first in High School ROTC, then in Basic Training. Soldiers on base or in civilian populations are not allowed to put ammunition into their rifles, pistols, revolvers or shotguns. Shotguns are forbidden as a weapon of war by the Geneva Conventions. Because of the hideous wounds they inflict. You NEVER DELIBERATELY AIM WEAPONS OR EVEN POINT THEM CARELESSLY IN ANY NON-COMBAT SITUATION. But the Baton Rouge police and Parish Sheriffs department did.

The one exception to the no-point rule (but not pointless) being the practice range. You don’t point them at People ever unless you have a very clear LAWFUL reason to fire those weapons. This might piss off some crybaby ass pigs but the Cops are NOT the law in their own persons. Even Kings aren’t, as demonstrated by Charles 1 of England losing his arrogant head over the same kind of bullshit. ie having the military and militarized police kill English subjects. The English Constitution after which the US Constitution and Articles of Confederation and even the Declaration of Independence were based and founded. That might seem to be redundant. It isn’t.

They brought gas masks and the accompanying gas. Which is ALSO not allowed by the Geneva Conventions. The Pigs, military and civilian, have a ready answer to that, They simply state that there was no declaration of war by the United States since December of 1941. Thus they can mock the Constitution, rule of law instead of rule of so called law enforcement, and any Human Being that stands in their way on the road to Absolute Police State Imperialism.

But hang on, there’s more. I’ve already got published on this very website that the 4th and 6th Articles of the Constitution state that the Constitution itself is the law and basis of laws in America and shall be held as such in any state, territory, embassies, and ships at sea. And that treaties (like the Geneva and Hague Conventions) entered into and ratified by the Congress have the full weight of the Constitution. That means the way civilian protesters and the PEOPLE who are held in what the Police State Morons obviously consider their own private pleasure dungeons by LAW have the same protections of the Geneva and Hague Conventions. The Pigs disagree. And they have a small yet vocal Back The Badge chorus of people who lick their Pig feet and other portions of their anatomies.

So, what can be done in the face of the Police State, confederated, co-conspirators and accomplices before and after the fact Breaking The Law of the land with impunity? The Courts are, as my countrified relations put it, Worthless as tits on a boar hog. Judges and Prosecutors and even the Bar Associations have their tongues securely up the rectal orifices of the Pigs.

Yeah, punks, kiss that pig ass. Lick their boots real clean. But there are alternatives.

One is Violent Revolution. It’s not officially documented as such, but that was the means by which the government of the United States separated from that of the Crown of the United Kingdoms of Scotland, Wales, Ireland and England.

It’s the basis of the English constitution as well. Don’t believe me, just have a seance and channel the ghost of Oliver Cromwell. He was a right sorry bastard but one nice thing he did was Not Having Himself Crowned. Much like the Slaver George Washington a century later. Mighty white of them. Revolutions are frequently in the wrong because they’re populated by Revolutionaries, who are Human and therefore fallible.

Lacking the support needed for a successful general revolution, one brave PATRIOT in Dallas blew away 5 of the oppressors while they were enforcing the Police Ban on people exercising their First Amendment rights to peaceably assemble to petition the government for redress of grievances.

The genie is out of the bottle. Both of the Standardized Politically Approved Parties have candidates for President who applaud the Police State actions not only in Baton Rouge but worldwide.  One of them, I won’t mention his  name but it rhymes with Chump, has called for further enhancement of the 523 years long sanctions against any residents of America who are arrogantly disobeying His Royal orders to comply with the standardized skin color and religious preferences. The other major candidate, and again I won’t call her by name has spent the past two and a half decades, as a Princess of The Realm, enforcing those same sanctions. Just not being as open-mouthed about it as her chump-ass opponent. So he’s more honest about his hatred.

But at some point honesty doesn’t come across nearly as virtuous, I mean, when people honestly hate me and wish to inflict imprisonment or other acts of violence, I can’t honestly applaud their honesty. Especially when they honestly believe the lie they learned at the Silver Spoon Prep School, about how they are so much better than the rest of us. Born that way, you know.

But you know what the true fuck of it is? The pigs who are doing the grunt work of blowing PEOPLE into corpses in Louisiana and Dallas and Colorado and Iraq and Syria and so ad infinitum… They’re not the so called Elites who make the decision to turn their moronic followers on the entire rest of humanity.

This is a paraphrase from a non-Black of what the Black Agenda Report

have posted. Who are an affiliated group with whom I have an account. For the purpose of comments on their reporting. And I keep forgetting my passwords. So rather than make a huge comment on their site, I put it here.

Soldiers are routinely run before a Court Martial or an Article 15 of the Uniform Code of Military Justice, Commanders Non-judicial punishment. For what cause, you say? Carrying a weapon with ammunition. And if you’re carrying “porting” your weapon with a round chambered, O my brother, you can kiss that Article 15 goodbye. It’s a Felony. There was a lot of ignorant while and at the same time, simultaneously if you will,  unlearned commentary about the “peacekeeping” force in Beirut in the 80s carried unloaded weapons. But the Army and other military, having thousands of years prior experience with weapons and centuries of experience with firearms, forbid you to do stupid fucking shit like that. It’s a definite NO. You have to wait for clearance to port your weapons with ammunition loaded. Trust me, it’s been that way for a long time.

The Cops, especially those Militarized ones like the CSPD, pointing weapons at the unarmed civilians they’re sworn and paid to protect, that’s so far out of line that maybe the option of lethal response from citizens  might be appropriate in certain circumstances. I can’t decide those circumstances for you. I can’t stop a revolutionary movement and right about now I really have no compulsion to do so.













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