Because phreak Google, that’s why

I’m going to redo my operating system on my mobiles. Change it to Kali Linux  They’ll still work as far as the phone company is concerned. Google has become megalomaniac on us. They act like they god-damn invented the internet, and have first dibs on every bit of data — every datum would be more accurate. They’re the ultimate snoops. Any measure of privacy flew out the Windows (had to pun that, sorry) years ago. In order to use the Android OS on my devices I would have to pay Google. Maybe not directly, but in bandwidth which is paid in my internet provider and the phone provider. Every time I take my phone out of airplane mode, Google has more than one “essential app” to update. Fuck that. Essential to whom, exactly?  I don’t use Google + or youtube ultra-fantastic-consume-don’t ask,  just consume, we’ll tell you what to consume and at what price consume consume resistance is futile you must be assimilated. It’s the “soft” Capitalist Dictatorship of Brave New World. I don’t use their products, but they get root access to all my communications devices and according to the phone manufacturers, rooting my own phone would void my non-existent warranty.

Google has joined the ranks of those who can Line up and take turns helping yourself to a Texas sized all-you-can-eat buffet of Kiss my Liberal Ass.  In an advanced and enlightened society it would be legal to hunt them. Compliance is futile, I will NOT be assimilated.

The Android network makes it easier to communicate between Android devices, and all others must bow before that and wait their turn, humbly, with all servitude. Like a Masonic handshake.

You might have read about the lawsuit by the “justice” department to force Apple to comply with them in putting spyware and a root-level password for them to listen into any conversation, anywhere in the world, regardless of in which political /territorial imperative the devices are sold or used. Fuck that shit. Did you notice something unsettling in all that? They didn’t file a similar lawsuit against Google or Microsoft. By the United States federales. The FBI is claiming jurisdiction over the entire world,and Google and Microsoft have bowed down and sworn fealty to the Beast. There are 99 million results for “ceo of Google”. If you extrapolate that to only ten persons per website that comes out to more people than there are in the entire world. And yes, a lot of people are calling it a manifestation of Antichrist.

It’s the global police state, served up on a platform you pay to implement. The CEO of Google, Sundar Pichai, is about impossible to contact at all. Like any kind of customer support at Google. There’s a discussion on Google called fuck google  at the Orwellian named YouTube Help Forum.  It’s a laugh a minute. There are a few Google cultists replying to the mass of curses tossed at youtube in particular but google in general. They claim to be volunteers. All day and all night. It’s like talking to spam bots.

“please be calm and do not swear” and “google is a good product” and similar babytalk answers. If they’re not lying each is doing a full shift every day, no breaks and no days off, as Volunteers, for what might be the richest internet corporation in the world. What, can’t Google afford to actually, you know, PAY their workers? And what manner of moron would work under that condition?


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Brother Jonah

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Recovering Texan. Christian while and at the same time Anarchist. (like Tolstoy only without the beard, for now) Constantly on the lookout for things which have relevance to things I already know. Autistic. Proud to be Ex- air force. Out of the killing machine for 27 years 4 months and 5 days woohoo!
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3 Responses to Because phreak Google, that’s why

  1. Avatar Chuck Noland says:

    I thought all the real revolutionaries used prepaid dumbphones to avoid being tracked.

  2. Avatar Brother Jonah says:

    Which would be paying Google. Kind of defeats the purpose. Now, I enjoy tweaking the nose of the Establishment, sure. Actually the price of independent thought, or the capacity to use it, is exactly that. Using the power of independent thought, and not having some multibillionaire do your thinking for you. It’s a lot like paying your Master rent for your chains. Say, did you ever actually read Brave New World? There’s a companion to BNW almost the same title with “, Revisited” with some really cool science about advertising, military service, patriotism, fanaticism for sports teams and other Corporate Cults.

    Think of it the next time you watch a Donkos game. I enjoy the Donkos or is it Donkoes? doesn’t matter. Gives me three hours to ride bikes, read, write, you know, productive and healthy activities, with no interruptions from dorks who paint their faces orange and blue and go around with foam fingers saying “# 1!” and, yeah, I had the same attitude in Texas. And I don’t have to pay the owners of the athletic entertainers. Not a damn thing. I kind of enjoy that thought.

    Don’t forget to buy your beer and junk food. Remember, the beer commercials and Fat Food commercials say that if you buy and use their products, you’ll get to screw cheerleaders. Instead of being, you know, an out of shape alcohol addict who smells bad and can’t maintain a normal conversation.

    To quote Huxley: “Marx said that Religion is the opiate of the masses… but in truth, Opiates are the religion of the masses”,

    Death on the installment plan, and you know you’ll pay. And pay… and then pay some more. There’s more to computing than playing games, free of course, except you pay extra for all the data transfers. And Google will get a cut of the money pie.

  3. Avatar Paul D says:

    I an am old fart whose connection to the internet is still just old fashioned desktop PC’s. My only cell phone is a virgin mobile burner phone which does not even provide service in vast swaths of my Appalachian region.

    But anyway, I’d love to boycott Google, but some of their services – notably Google Earth and its coupled photo service “Vimeo” are incredibly useful. At my job at MSHA, I’ve even used Google Earth every day to check on the mine sites we regulate. I’ve even used it to alert the inspectors to violations at potentially dangerous coal slurry impoundments that I see in the frequently updated satellite aerial views.

    And on another topic, BTW, where have all the comments gone to this old, but still ongoing-commented article:

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