Border Wall- Trump needs to put his OWN money where his lying mouth is.

It’s based on Racist fear to begin with, that (to quote ‘The Turner Diaries – a manual for hate’) ‘darkening face of America’. Anybody who says otherwise is either ignorant or deliberately lying.
Espousing the fears that America will revert to a more Indian majority. Maybe it’s their not so secret dread that all the time, other people’s efforts and other people’s money spent in the attempt to eradicate (Murder) all Native Americans, will be just wasted time. There’s a Fascist oriented show on the Science Channel, many in fact but this one is “Secrets of the Museum” which preaches the Great White Father bullshit that goes along with the Trump doctrine of “original intent of the Founding Fathers” bullshit.
Said that Thomas Jefferson, who spawned generations after generations of descendants of the slaves he raped, went to France to confront a French naturalist who said there were no large animals or plants in the “swamp” of America. Not as a matter of national pride, as if the citizens of the US were the creators of the flora and fauna… no… it was to encourage European immigration.

Because the “vast empty and underpopulated lands” which the U.S. hadn’t conquered had a little too many of the Non-people who populated the land. So, what’s Mr Trump going to do to stem the rising birthrate of the Non-whites in America? Answer: Not one goddamn thing. “Let’s blame non-white immigrants” say the descendants of people who got kicked out of Europe for being troublemakers and criminals. How do I know they were criminals? They proceeded to murder and rob the American people who had been here nearly 12,000 years.

They instigated a war with Mexico in order to rob the majority Native descendants of approximately a third of the land mass of their territory. Instigated the war through treachery and lies. Just like the current wars of conquest in Africa, Arabia, south and central America, Asia, every continent except Antarctica, all to take the resources of those countries for the enrichment of the already rich. Like Trump. And Clinton. And Bush. and so on. And if oil is discovered in Antarctica there will be US military boots on the ground there too.

Oh, and the White Makes Right plantation elite, like Jefferson and Washington before them, imported people chained in boats to do the work to build the fortunes of the Plantation Elite. Who couldn’t possibly get their delicately manicured hands dirty doing actual work. Imported people of lesser means from Europe, China, and treated them as close to the way they treated Black slaves as they possibly could.

Sold the potential Immigrants the land that hadn’t actually been consolidated into the U.S.
Sold them the wagons, supplies, and weapons to conquer the land they had been sold.

If Mr Trump hopes to carry on that tradition, let HIM pay for the God-damn wall. Make HIM pay for the land, and a fair price, and not do what’s already been done, seize the land by “imminent domain” like the land outside the “permitted” reservations at Standing Rock, Pine Ridge, Rosebud, Taliqua, Bartlesville, Taos, Sacramento NM, I don’t have space or time to delineate them all but every rez in America is a monument to a tribe who were robbed and their people murdered.

Trump has the 8 Billion dollars he thinks the wall would cost. Of course he’ll want to pay the lowest possible amount for the land, the contractors who would build it, the materials… Just like he always does, he’ll cheat the living dogshit out of all other parties. Because he’s a “self made” Thief. His development companies are legendary as being the only ones who have successfully ripped off Haliburton.
Guess it takes a thief to rob a thief.

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