Breaking the DAPL Kettle

There’s a detachment of war veterans including the son of General Wesley Clark backing up the resistance at Standing Rock. Mutiny is in the air and the unlawful attack by the National Guard and Police Corporation Minions against the Lakota and their allies, is getting a lot more resistance than they thought possible.
There was a poster I saw long ago, a fold out in a magazine, Hustler or Penthouse I think. For the July issue 1976. Before unfolding the centerfold was an introduction saying “We commissioned this portrait based on the last words of Lt Col George Armstrong Custer” and when you pulled it out, there’s a wide valley with a whole bunch of Natives having sex everywhere and the caption “Look at all those F…ing Indians!”

which aside from being mildly pornographic was extremely clever. There was a Kettling, isolation of the Lakota tribes, especially at Wounded Knee where the 7th Cav murdered 300 men, women and children as revenge for not being allowed to pull a similar massacre at Greasy Grass aka Little Bighorn. Like Custer had led at the Little Ouachita river. To be fair to Custer and Chivington, they weren’t the ones who coined the term “nits make lice” but they copied it.
Anyway, lets jump to 6 years ago as of next saturday in London where Camille and Charles almost got pulled out of their heavily guarded limo. Power to the people, right on!
We need to act all kinds of up, demonstrations in every state and especially the larger towns.

What the National Guard is still trying to pull in North Dakota is isolation of the protests on the one site. Kettling or ghetto like in Warsaw Ghetto. Got Community Issues? Air them out now.

The British, prior to the Will and Kate marriage, were imposing Austerity Measures because the Real Estate Bubble and the underlying Global War On People Running Their Own Damn Countries As They See Fit, had broken the Capitalist Model yet another time.

In the midst of that mess the Royals were throwing a massively expensive Private Wedding at Public Expense. There were demonstrations not only in every large city in Britain but several at a time in London. Students protesting the cuts in tuition assistance were the ones who almost pulled the Royals out of their car. The cops were trying to kettle that one demonstration but there were so many simultaneous demos across London, it broke the kettle.

The Royals claim it was an assassination attempt by the Anarchists, but, hey, I know a couple of London Anarchists and they don’t play around. They probably would have gotten roughed up.

Point being, aside from this being a week away from the anniversary of that event
10 DEC 2010,the “authorities” have some heavy military equipment BUT it’s very widely distributed. Likewise personnel, They’re trying to rule the world, like the Navy recruiters commercials. Spread all around the world

It’s like the Doors song “they got the guns but we got the numbers”
It’s not easy but it is possible. Currently the military are getting their asses rolled up into one collective ass and people In Countries With No Air Forces Or Navies or for that matter any modern military high-tech doo-dads are proceeding to kick that collective ass. And that’s on the foreign side.

And as much as the Armed Forces have been training for domestic uprisings, they’re still people. Sure, some are gung-ho about everything but … mutiny is in the air.

The soldiers can and have done in the past refused to fire on fellow Americans.

So break the isolation.

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