Brexit and the Impending Apocalypse

Just so there’s no confusion, I’m not going to ridicule people for saying the end is near. It might be, or not. This is more of a treatise on Jingoist Pulpits. I know that politics is a major part of a preachers life just as it is for any other. You get 50-100 people together in a church, every one of them has some sort of political opinion. I personally have several… hundred… or so…     But when I was a kid there were dire warnings that the proposed at the time United States of Europe was the Antichrist. Kind of jingoist in that nobody ever (in America at least) trots out The Revelation to question America and the notion of United States. States being sovereign entities. Like Shakespeare in  Hamlet “there is an odor of decay in the STATE of Denmark”, and the character Mike Stivik tells the character Archie Bunker exactly that and gets the reply: “shows how much you know, Denmark is not a state… (dramatic pause) …it’s a city in Colorado”.                       Provincialism strikes yet again. But get the notion of a United States of Europe and people get flat out irrational. So all this begs one question, if the EU breaks up, does that mean the Apocalypse is canceled?

I’m of the opinion that everybody catches the bus. That’s a metaphor for ‘dying’. We either catch it as individuals, as groups of individuals and at some point all individuals en masse. That’s easy to process. I’ve heard the Apocalypse just over the horizon  along with the Rapture, which isn’t even mentioned in the Bible, it’s an interpretation of several verses in different books of the Bible glommed together. A lot of Christians say we all get to escape the torments of the final days. That is, “all” Christians who believe exactly the same way as the person preaching it. With exceptions on the definitions of course. But one thing is certain, if you ain’t rapture-ready you ain’t entitled to the benefits of Heaven if you catch the bus the old fashion way. It’s not a matter of how many people get on the bus with you. Rapture theory clouds that notion a bit and gets people thinking ‘oh, hey, I don’t want to miss the rapture’ but if the extreme views of the Rapturists is true in every aspect, you would only have 7 years to catch the bus at the Second Coming anyway. What’s that, you ask? What about that “behold I come as a thief in the night, no man knows the time” well DUH!

But, here’s one very strongly hyped sign of the end… breaking up. And it goes back to Jingoism. Americans and ONLY Americans are moral enough and smart enough to enjoy a united culture with a single currency. No arguments are permitted.  And as a bonus we get to tell everybody to go to hell. Literally.

You don’t know when the bus is coming, cool. Live your life like it’s coming in the next ten minutes, always. And one day you’ll be right. The same rules of judgment cover it every way. I know I’m going to hear a furious chorus of explanation as to how the latest antichrist isn’t exactly and there’s new interpretations to explain it. I remember going to a party in 1986. June 6th. Which was a Friday. And a Full Moon. And Ronald Wilson Reagan was supposed to reveal himself as not just an Antichrist but THE Antichrist. I found that out at the party. Bunch of satan worshippers. They were preparing for the glorious announcement. It was WHY they were partying. I was just looking to score a couple of hits of acid. Which I didn’t get. And I didn’t hang around. I somehow feel that I didn’t miss anything important.

There was a Rapture Party many years ago by followers of a preacher named Miller. The Millerites had bought Ascention Robes, and quit their jobs, because they had The Exact Day of the Rapture. October 22 1844. I can’t predict that there won’t be a Rapture. Or if there will.

What would be a spectacular waste of time is using Rapture prophecies to put your own flawed Nation-State on a high and exalted pedestal. That and the large risk of Blasphemy. But if you really want your Nation-state or any other way to put the term “sovereign entity” as being so great that others should envy it, the easiest way would for you to Make Your Country Worthy.

And that deeply excludes stupid shit like conquering other people for the profit of a few very wealthy families.


Rapture as a political propaganda engine. What if God doesn’t approve?





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