But Little Johnnie can’t read? Why?

I’m starting this with the documented statistic that half of the adults in Tarrant County Texas are functionally illiterate.  Yes, one of the three most heavily populated counties in the state, and 50% would not be able to clearly read and comprehend these two sentences. Meanwhile, back at the ranch and Allen and McKinney school districts are paying more than 60 MILLION dollars apiece to build high (schools? nay, verily) school football stadiums. Got to have Temples to worship the oblong ball. Never mind the concurrent and consequent price paid by people being ignorant as the day is long. But, hey, they’s jus po’ folk and everybody knows po’ folk ain’t got no need for book learnin’ and such. It’s the epitome of the “Texas Miracle” ex-Governors Bush and Perry boast so loudly as their major contribution to society. Here’s a little bit of information from CBS News about it, with more links.

You know, football is more important than people actually being able to read. It’s not just Texas, Colorado is turning in that direction as well. Witness the hysteria about the Super Bowl twice in the past three years, starring the Donkos. Two and a half years ago I was parading around with a ladle and a 55 gallon drum of HaterAde (figuratively) but the first 5 minutes of the game convinced me to give the fans a break from me mocking their silly-ass obsession. I’m surprised that Doug Lamborn didn’t have a Congressional Investigation into that.

Dismayed, that is. It would be a huge comparison to the rubber-stamp Congressional Investigations into the illegal wars, torture and widespread police brutality incidents. And rip-off oil company and banking deals. Why not?

Because so many Americans can’t read due in large part to the culture of Entertainment rather than Education.

Bread and Circus… The Empire is spiralling down to the depths of Hell and the ones who are profiting from it, throw distractions at the peasants. My brother lives within spitting distance of the Cowboys arena in Arlington. Which the PEOPLE of Arlington are subsidizing.        If the Free Market Champions who own the profits of the Cowboys can’t afford to invest their own money in “their” team maybe they should get off the Corporate Welfare gravy train. My family, none of them rich, are required to pay extra taxes so pampered millionaires can prance around chasing a ball on a very expensive lawn. Why don’t the Tea Party and the Doug brothers, Lamborn and Bruce, and other tax warriors pick up on that? Maybe for the same reason the number of Tax Refugee multi-millionaire Warmongers who infest our neck of the woods aren’t being audited by these Fearless Watchdogs of the Public Purse. Because it’s cheaper and faster to rig elections and bribe government officials than to do anything to make the world better.

I’ll end this the same way it started. 50% of the voters in Tarrant Co Texas wouldn’t be able to read a single sentence of this, and the rich bitch elite don’t give a duck about it.

Hitler Speaks, a book by his doctor and confidante, contains this gem “Universal Public Education is the most corrosive toxin liberalism can inflict on itself. The masses need be educated only enough to permit them to be efficient coolies in our industries and soldiers in our armies”

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