Capitalism and the Workers Pair of Dice.

I had to do that. So, in 1994 NAFTA went into effect. In Mexico there were already the Maquilas. Processing and packaging plants for just about all of the Fortune 500 companies. Those that actually have products, only partly similar to Banksters who don’t produce anything, except debt. Banks spend other people’s money. Invest it for a fee. If your investment pays off, they get a fee. If the investment doesn’t pan out, they still get a fee. But the maquiladores like Ford and General Electric, Coca cola, just any company you could name got tax incentives to move their facilities there, also exemptions to environmental protection laws. They could literally dump their shit into the drinking water of Juarez and all points downstream. And since one side of the stream is the US, Texas to be specific, well, they couldn’t let the stuff into Texas’ drinking water from the Texas side of the Rio. So they dump it from the Mexican side. With NAFTA in place and PAN as the Puppet Regime, capitalism comes to the socialist economy of Mexico. Hooray! But wait, there’s a darkside. So dark many Americans can pretend they don’t see it.

With all this new Capitalism ruling Mexico, you would expect that people would not have to immigrate at least temporarily to the US in order to make a living. But you would be expecting for a long time and never seeing it come to fruition. Each year the Capitalist Overlords in America tell their DorkSide followers to complain about the floods of illegal immigrants. And they make sure to note that each year the flood is more than the last. Why would workers, definitely not lazy in any way, (that’s one of the complaints against the migrant workers) want to leave their homes and families for months or years at a time, go to a place where those who hate them the most hold high government and social powers. Go there and be abused as thieves for simply surviving, threatened with prison or death if captured… IF The Situation In Mexico Is A Massive Capitalist Success Story.
Since we’re told in the hate-media that the tide of immigration increases each year, that means there has not been one year out of the past 22 1/2 when there was LESS immigration than before the Capitalist Workers Paradise took effect. Yet the proponents all say that they’re giving the Mexican people more opportunity. If that was true the people would never come to the US and have to put up with socially retarded Klan related groups of cowardly morons like the Border Patrol and the Minutemen imprisoning them and sometimes lynching them.

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