Cheney and other Perverted Torture Freak Spawn of Satan, the sequel

This started as a comment on a comment by some fellow named William, on something I wrote years ago just prior to being thrown into the torture dungeons of the empire. and as I discovered one from my friend Tony and some Bush-Worshipper named Chinitz. So I wrote. And wrote… and suddenly   realized it’s better as a post.
As Wiliam said, there’s no difference between them. Left and Right. The stage was set by Cheney and his little buddy Gee W. Actually long before. People have done evil like torture since society evolved enough to support such things as torture dungeons. Bush and especially Cheney erased the constitutional prohibitions against American torture. Not that they were actually observed in the first place, but at least we had something to believe.

As for the dipshit on channel two, yeah right. Cheney never left. He had a heart transplant and since I’ve had dealings with his (and the Bush family’s) Halliburton corporation wherein I got my feet and legs really badly fucked up on the job and the bastards didn’t have workmans comp, I have a special place in my heart for them. Unlike the “donor’ of the heart. Cheney is in categories of health that would preclude him getting a transplant.

Like drinking. He had a pacemaker in when he got so drunk he couldn’t tell the difference between a 3 pound bird and a 180 pound corrupt Texas Lawyer. If he didn’t have a bunch of money he would never have gotten the transplant.

My theory is he bought his way to the top of the transplant list and then had the best possible donor killed. He did shit like that all his fucking life. I also found out that I’m actually related to the bastard. Shirt-tail kin but still …

Would I hide under my bed, really? How effective would that be? I’ve had guns pointed right at me and never panicked, why would you think I’d change? Cheney himself never had a real fight. Not once. He’s a rich bitch pussy who bought his way out of VietNam same as George Bush did.

There was a draft resistance movement where Real Men risked their freedom and even their lives to oppose the war. Rich Bitch Cheney and Bush the Younger bought their way out BECAUSE they were making money off other people dying. You no likey, me no givey damn you no likey.

The terrorists are American, they wear uniforms with badges. They’re spreading their Police State to every corner of the world.

That’s the nature of Empire. Empires fall too. Our turn to be citizens of a failed Empire is right around the corner.

Anarchism is a really big tent. Contains a lot of “leftists”. Even “liberals’. and wannabee Christians like me. Luke chapter 4 verses 5,6,7, and 8 makes my position clear.

All the kingdoms of the world belong to Satan, they’re an evil construct of evil men.

Tony knows I preach that because we’ve conversed about it.

I also know that the mechanisms and the people who maintain them of the Torture State are beyond any vote. They’re not elected. They’re deputized , appointed, have their jobs for as long as they like. Left and Right. I see no difference between the KGB, the Gestapo and any Police (terrorist) agency in the world including the U.S. and Colorado and Colorado Springs and any further division of the Police State Empire one could name.

PS, William, one doesn’t “sound” like anything in his writings, just his speech. I think there’s a way to put a smiley in this, especially since I have editorial privilege.

If it seems that I have a prejudice against Right Wingers it’s because I grew up and still live in Right Wing jurisdictions like Colorado and Texas. Politics is the best remedy or patch for interpersonal grievances and beats the living hell out of civil war.

Which is on the horizon. Can it be avoided or prevented? Maybe.
Will it? Probably not. Or Probably So. It’s just the greater probability is Not. If I lash out against the torturers, why would one object that the Right Wing torturers sometimes bear the brunt? The stated theme and agenda of Right Wing is very close to the Torture Freak ‘manifesto”. Liberalism is more inclusive, and sure, torturers and police state sucks like Chinitz. For all I know he votes a DemonRat straight ticket.

And the times I have been beaten while handcuffed, threatened with death (by armed soldiers of the empire who would get away with it) and outright tortured, not for investigative purposes but because I defied the Police State… none of them would describe themselves as Left Wing. They sure did worship Bush and Cheney though.

Kind of like Chinitz’ idolatry toward them. You know, in the Last Days scenarios, one will have to worship not only the Beast but his image. Maybe Brother Dan should start looking for redirection, rebirth and redemption.

Torture has long been a staple tool of the Global Police State. It’s not new, the only new part is that the United States has adopted it as official policy. And the Democratic Party has become one with the Republican.

There’s a picture on Space 4 Peace website of Hillary and Henry Kissinger almost making kissy face. Yeah, THAT right wing murder empresario Kissinger. Where is there any Far Left anything in that mess? Trump is not worse than Hillary, but then, in the sliding scale of Evil, who needs to be? I think it’s parity, actually. There’s no Lesser Evil to choose. Just the plan to close the borders and expel all Muslims and “others who offend Mr Trump” would be a police state budgetary nightmare. It’s not bad enough, I guess, for the thieves to have taken the entire wealth of America for generations to come (assuming the Empire lasts that long). Oh hells to the no. It will take money nobody in the world or the aggregate wealth the entire world actually has.

Certainly I’ll offend the Trumpistas. Maybe if they acted a little less like the SA it would soften my tone. Probably not.


A little extra. This is a link to Global Research and it’s about the torture freaks at Guantanamo.



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