CMA–Hillbilly Nobel Prize

Or maybe not. I mean, Country Music isn’t definitively inferior to Rock or whatever. The vast majority of music doesn’t last one human lifetime, and a lot of what does survive really shouldn’t have. And I don’t hate southerners, or people from rural areas, no matter how much somebody or a lot of somebodies might richly deserve it. I would have to disown everybody I know. I actually learned a lot of country songs by heart. Wild Side Of Life, All For The Love of A Girl, (Johnny Horton had some good love songs and a lot of jingoistic military propaganda/indoctrination songs which were just plain crap), Mountain Dew, Outlaw of the Ozarks… I even wrote my own lyrics to Dueling Banjoes (well there ain’t no words to this here song, and i always thought that’s kind of wrong, so I made up some of my very own… for dueling banjoes…. it’s poetic license… like Johnny Cash did… at Folsom Prison… when he sang a song about killin’ a man… in Nevada.. then doing his time… in a California pen-i-ten-tiary…. at Folsom Prison…. that’s not Nevada…) And I don’t know when the CMA show comes on, but it’s soon. And I think about Billy Ray Cyrus. Who is famous for one thing other than selling his kid to Disney Studios, “where childhood goes to die”… he sang a song called Achey breaky heart and for some reason got a CMA. Yes, the song is stupid. Not much of a disadvantage in music. There IS about 708 cubic kilometers of bullshit music stacking up.

But the whole Ache-y Break-y Heart theme (his only real hit) getting a recognition like a CMA was too much for my head. Plus I was working at a bowling alley in Ft Worth at the time and they had on the speakers, constantly, a Top 40 Country station and that means, in plain english, you got the same 40 songs over and over and over and over… I estimate that in an 8 hour shift I heard that stupid damn song 7 times. It wasn’t until later, much much later.. that he sold young Miley to Disney.

And that was the cruddy crusty frosting on the cake. It was at that moment I had an epiphany.  I learned, by osmosis, that people don’t have any taste and would buy just any shit somebody else is selling.

That’s happier than my next post.

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