David Duke has PhD in Racism

david_dukeMaybe I should become a Doctor.  Or Dorktster. Or whatever snarkish crap. They told me in the Air Force anybody could get into the Officer Candidate Program and become a commissioned officer (rank of 2nd Lieutenant or above) with any Bachelors Degree. The example they gave was a degree in basketweaving. Now, I wonder if there is such a degree. But this dude has a Doctorate in History. THE single most arbitrary field of study.  And he’s found a way to use that PhD to basically get money without doing any real work. One part of it is plugging his Not-Best seller books by endorsing a notorious racist candidate for president. Hint: It’s not the one who is smart enough to keep her mouth shut about whatever prejudices motivate her to kill dark skinned people (primarily) around the world. Actions don’t necessarily speak louder than words, seriously.

Because sometimes actions are buried under 324 cubic miles of bullshit from the TameStream media. However, her dumber opponent, endorsed by Duke and other racist pukes like Ann Coulter and Bill O’Reilly, has proposed ratcheting up the carnage by bringing the Kill All Brown People doctrine to Domestic Policy.

Which those of us who spend a little bit of time educating our fellow people to recognize, well, we sometimes believe that government sponsored racist murder is already a keystone of domestic police policy.

I won’t make any reference to the Racist Denver cops who killed Marvin Booker or the Oakland police officer from Zimbabwe when it was called Rhodesia and was an Apartheid stronghold… who murdered Oscar Grant or the cops who intercepted an Amtrak passenger named Ojore N. Lutalo, allegedly because his unopened satchel of anarchist books frightened the All-White Other Passengers so they called the pigs on him and he was arrested as soon as he hit Colorado jurisdiction, and I’m not going to call the equally racist courts and police administrators who “backed the badge” out for actually being racists who obstruct justice by shielding their pet racist pigs.

Or the Colorado pseudo leaders who fired Ward Churchill for alleged plagiarism, even though he was absolved of that, and these racist punks kept insisting that they weren’t in total agreement with David Duke, the Ku Klux Klan and the Republican Party, all of whom I shall not compare to abject racist pukes like Duke. Even though they are.

I’ll simply let their hate speech and murderous deeds speak for them.

The Doctor is IN.

ALL history is biased and revisionist.

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