Dickberry for Energy secretary?

Aside from the fact he’s one of the owners of stock of many oil companies… How much stock, you ask?
Well, me answers, he on the board of directors of several. Just another bazillionaire who never worked a day in his life. One of the major investments he has is the Energy Transfer Partners. The ones who have vowed on tuesday to keep going even without their permits, at Standing Rock. My challenge is, for the Donald and the DickBerry put their own sorry asses on the line instead of “leading from behind the lines… very very far beyond the line. There’s a few people from Colorado Springs, professional trolls or maybe just amateurs, who have been stinking up the blogosphere with their racist bigotry and especially in support of the DAPL. They apparently don’t have jobs or social lives, maybe they ought to go up there as well. Instead, they’ll do what they always do, hide behind the fence and bark at the Big Dogs as they run past…

And I’ll bet they’re also regulars at Stormfront. Nazis love to chant and they always chant what their Uber-Fuhrers tell them to chant. Makes themselves feel important. Without taking any risks of their own. DickBerry sent me some paperwork a few years back. His signature is huge, like he’s compensating. The same way HumVee owners and people who brandish big rifles and shotguns.

It’s compensation for their “short”comings. Don’t bitch at me about it either, it’s science not opinion. The same medical science used to brainwash soldiers and wannabee soldiers. But, yeah, DickBerry is trying to hide a tiny problem.

It’s wasted on me anyhow, I don’t give a week-old road kill skunk about his personal problems. It’s his public problems that are worrisome. His alliance with the Fascist Union Coward Klan is worrisome.

The ass-munch bastards are telling us, bluntly, they don’t care if we know they’re fascists. In every sense of the word as they have taken over the two and only two Parties, the courts, police, military and are working on the press and religious institutions.

But us damned ol’ Indians and our allies keep on… without the permission of Obama or Trump or DickBerry.

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