Did you know that priests and doctors are combatants?

I hadn’t thought of it until a MAS briefing in Tech School (School of Health Care Sciences Sheppard AFB Texas) for which I have the lame ass excuse of being only 18 at the time. But, yeah, under the Hague and Geneva Conventions, medics and chaplains are indeed considered combatants. In one way, it’s a protective barrier, civilians could face charges within their countries, probably not very enlightened but with the aura of Civil Authority.  (like: Texas, the US in general, etc…) Even in a Declared State of War, they could be jailed as criminals and given whatever civil sentences exist, including mutilation, death, beatings… but in War there are rules that sometimes apply. Unless the U.S. or Britannia over-ride it by calling it an Insurgency or (like Grenada) a Rescue Mission. Then there’s the Fremont County Paramedics… who served their pigmasters faithfully in the beating death of John Walter. And the privateers who run the jail as a for-profit business. I know the Medics got away with it (minus the eventual settlement of the civil suit) Yep. Smooth clean getaway on their part. I used to watch “Emergency” in the 70s, thought Paramedics were cool. These assholes ruined that impression forever.

See, at the Fremont County “Justice” center, the triple-lie “Correctional” “Health” “Care” corporate nurses and 1 doctor who nobody ever sees and the one Nurse Practitioner who sometimes is seen..

They ALL leave after the (mis)Medication Line in the evening. So if the coward scum like Sgt Green and Corporal Maas decide to beat down a prisoner while “restraining” him, they have the County Paramedics come to so-called examine and treat the prisoner for any injuries inflicted. And then to lie their collective arse off when somebody files a lawsuit against the murderous fascist freaks.

Perverted bastards, the whole lot of them. They take the jobs simply because it gives them a steady supply of victims. Sadists like that are drawn to positions of power. They literally get off sexually to exercising power against unwilling partners. The more violent the better. They can’t get off that way to a prostitute who pretends to be the Comte de Masoch to their Marquis de Sade. Unwilling and helpless or no jollies. The real thing or nothing.  Rapists in the most raw sense of the word.

Vermin, really. In an advanced and enlightened society it would be legal to hunt them, possible a bounty.

The Paramedics would have one really important protocol when it comes to Chest Pain. They would be REQUIRED to check the person sporting the chest pain for heart attacks. Or pneumonia, pleurisy, bronchitis etc in descending order. Somewhere in their list would be Broken Ribs.

Painful, they are. Why didn’t the ParaMurderers not do those protocols? I knew John Patrick Walter.

He would have complained about 9 broken ribs. There’s more. I’ve experienced some very strong blows to the chest in my years. Even a few automobile accidents, being hit by cars.

Falling in the mountains. It’s redundant to say “on rough ground” because that’s exactly the type of ground you find there. Kicked in the ribs at Tae Kwon Do practice. By people who use their fists and feet to break bricks and boards and bones. Not one single fracture. Some deep bruises that hurt like hell. They broke 9 of his. NINE.

No way in hell he did that to himself. The force needed to break ONE rib is one that’s not going to be self-inflected. If you want to shout me down or troll the living dogs__t out me then you would dezerve this: Try punching yourself in the chest and see if you can break your own rib or any other bone.

Just as an experiment. You might not be successful or prove anything but that would make a helluva good video. You wouldn’t be able to break one rib but the pigs of Fremont County including the Medical Staff, the Paramutilation Squad and the county coroner insist that the injuries were self inflicted. The DA and Judges and the so-called Free Press cover up for their darling little piggies.

There were two men imprisoned at Colorado Territorial Correctional Facility who had just been shipped from the prison facility of the State Hospital at San Carlos. Couldn’t stand each other. Told the housing officers at Living Unit 7. The sergeant told each of them separately to “deal with it”. And placed them in The Same Cell. So one killed the other, stuffed him under the bunk and went to the Sergeant and told him what happened. Two weeks later there was a tiny article on the news where the Fremont County Coroner was quoted saying “probably a homicide”. That’s the level of Police and court concern when a mere Inmate gets killed. I know now why the Stovall brothers held court in the streets, shooting it out with the Pigs rather than simple surrender.

The Back the Badge types will of course disagree. To them I say that every badge already has a sadistic cowardly pig pinned to the back of it, so the Badge really doesn’t need any extra backing.

I’m not advocating shooting them. Stray bullets hitting innocent bystanders. And beside that there are enough people who are going to do it anyway. Nobody has to encourage them to do it. Nobody gets radicalized by clergy (who are considered combatants). They get radicalized by the Global Police State. By the torturers and interrogation specialists (they work together like nurse and doctor, not exactly the same thing) who are exporting the United Police State(s) around the world. I know I’m going to screw up the next part. Alle sieg heil am der Amerikanisch Reich. Some people would be intelligent enough to understand it.












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