Does God say to obey the king?

Which is a favorite of tyrants everywhere (true executive authority comes from a mandate by the masses, not some farcical aquatic you know the rest…) but as it turns out it wasn’t a commandment of God, at least in the bible. It was KING Solomon in the book of Ecclesiastes. This was the same KING who offered to cut a Hebrew baby in half and the childs mother actually believed him. He somehow had a reputation as a Middle Eastern despot, and some of the things of which he or his scribes boasted would make the Ghost of Saddam Hussein blush. His family put the funk in dysfunctional.  I could not in thousands of words adequately describe the horrors that were done by the House of David. All of the patriarchs actually. David and his sons and grandsons were very well documented.


Yet we are supposed, by our leaders which we freely elected in honestly run contests and whatever else bullshit I could put into it … we are actually told that we need to base the major big nasty mean ugly foreign policy decisions of How To Manage The Middle East… on this particularly evil family. David wasn’t during his entire life universally accepted as king of Israel. Most of what is written of him describes his rebellion against the Previously Annointed King Saul. And all the Israelites who lost their lives fighting for one side or the other.

That’s Saul who was annointed in a Public Ceremony with all the leaders of the tribes of Israel bearing witness , and David who was annointed in a private ceremony with the only (by the time it was recorded by his scribes) witnesses surviving being his own family. Convenient, that is. The whole Bible tells us that all people and all our institutions are born and founded in sin and raised into evil. That would be the message, not some crap about God commanding us to obey tyrants just because they have the biggest armies. Worship of military might is a form of idolatry, you don’t worship God but only force. Power.

And the apocalypse mentions that the Beast would be somebody who leaves aside the gods of his fathers and worships instead the god of Forces.

We are instructed now in every forum of education and civil power to honor the “sacrifice” of human beings by  “our” military industrial complex which has made us all free and “our” system is the best in the world and assorted bull.

If we had freedom in America from ANY source not limited to the military, why do the cops get to torture and even murder people for the ‘crime’ of talking back to Their Royal Highness, or doing anything the Mighty Government tells us not to do or (even more heinous) NOT doing what we are ordered to do.

Behold, Americans, the Gift… we are all permitted and even ordered to take on ourselves the Chains of Liberty! Hooray!

and don’t forget we’re supposed to think that God ordained it.











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