Donald Chump pretends to be Holy Roller

One quote is that “the art of the deal” is great but he prefers the Bible.  Yeah. As I recall the “Deal” book, he did confess nay, brethren, boast about ripping people off. The Bible instructs you to be righteous by demonstrating, start to finish, that people are just not getting it right. The “holy” men of the Bible are examples of just how degenerate people can get.  Especially when money and power (is there really a separation point between the twain?) are at stake. And it does also point out that stealing isn’t nice. Makes the point clearly. And that’s only one starting point. I’ll add Mr Donald to the list of people who, if they visit a church I attend (or anywhere else for that matter) I shall sit as far away as possible.

Just, you know, in case of meteorites, lightning bolts and fire from heaven. I don’t want to be anywhere near the target. And, Mr Chump, please understand, you’ll have to choose between the books and their contents. They’re mutually exclusive and you’ll just harm yourself trying to serve both masters.

Usually trying to have it both ways is exposed as hypocrisy fairly quickly. Being a cowardly bigoted murderous thief enhances that perception and hastens the outcome.





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