England could have kept their white trash off our shores.

Being only slightly funny of course. But with Brexit being held up as the cause of the recent rise in anti-immigrant hate crimes, well, what went around came back around. Brexit is only a somewhat related parcel, but a separate deal. Her Majesty Liz the Second didn’t start it either. The emigrant problem has been in existence since the days of her royal namesake Liz the First, aka the Virgin Queen. Before her time, the notion of England being a colonialist power, on their way to being a Failed Empire, was speculation. But in due course and a lot of time and investment, they tossed a whole bunch of emigrants out of England, and later Scotland Wales and Ireland. To mostly North America and Australia and then as administrators of the Empire. To the native peoples of these lands point of view they were Immigrants. No time for a Latin lesson here, emigrant = going , Immigrant = coming.
A lot of them being religious fanatics, some being more earthy criminals, exporting their Episcopalian Jihad around the world. Especially in the United States. QE2 has been on the throne since before I was born. Just last month I was referenced as “the elderly gentleman who needs some help” at a store. So, yeah, she’s been on the throne a while. Not that the monarch has even veto powers officially. They did make big money off the colonial scam and the later full on Empire. But it came as a price. Not one the Royals have to pay of course. Except for the fall of their empire. In order to have a Constitutional Empire the people in the conquered lands become subjects. Then at the fracturing of the Empire they’re citizens. Or in the case of England, they can immigrate into Great Britain, the large island that holds Scotland, Wales and England. Freely. You did it to THEIR countries, now you have a problem. You can’t simply banish your Troublemakers like you used to, feh. Too damn bad.

I have white relatives, mostly Irish who aren’t actually british because they don’t come from the island of Great Britain. This is one of those posts where details are REAL important. Some of them were given the opportunity to get on the next boat to America or go to jail and probably the gallows. So they left, from the British point of view, and came, from our p o v. Some were Patriots, some religious and others in the category of Other Criminal Specialists. I realize that Britain was very strongly contentious about Having The Right Kind of Christianity. An Episcopalian Jihad in other words. They just changed the constitution to allow a Catholic to the throne. Haven’t had a Catholic monarch for such a long long time. Charles First and James Second had a lot of trouble with that. There was and maybe still is, a Conformity law. Meaning you have to go to the same church run officially by the Monarch. Being a Quaker, Methodist, Baptist, Presbyterian, or any other strain coughcoughCatholiccough… of christian got you jailed, executed or banished.

Being Jew or Muslim was straight out of the question. Pagans Wiccans and Heathens need not apply.

It’s where the word Non-Conformist actually began. BUT, the Monarchy coveted other lands not so much to directly rule but to extract the money and other resources from those other lands. Export as many violent criminals or religious or political and the terms overlap constantly fanatics. Sell them guns, enough provisions to keep the colonies going for a while. Rent the boats to them. Have the criminals you exported shoot the natives into compliance. Take the money without having the tiresome and expensive process of direct governance. In the United States the subsidiary of the Crown Corporation property management team have been given the delusion of being independent for the past 240 years. Changes by perception and aspect, but the Tail wags the Dog no matter which entity is declared the Dog at any one time.

The English never directly controlled any large parts even of America. That means the English illegal immigrants who “took over the management”. The chickens are already home and roosting, in America and England. The White Supremacists can kiss my ass. Here, in England, in Texas. Guess what, palefaces, you’re badly outnumbered, especially the English wannabee nobility. If you’re really polite and don’t do any more stupid colonialist bullshit like one group who were forced to come here in chains being killed…. Brought here because your ancestors couldn’t bring themselves to Pick Your Own God-damn Cotton, nor could they do something commonly recognized as good business like actually PAYING the workers who made exactly ALL your money for you and you had them forcibly suppressed. Hey, maybe you could emigrate back to Jolly Old England. I’m very certain you’ll be welcome there.

Or in a more reasonable arrangement, quit the killing and other means of trying to keep in permanent servitude your fellow descendants of immigrants and Natives. Don’t keep ripping us off with your so called “free” market.
Don’t send us to foreign lands to rob the people of all the resources YOU covet but can’t bring your own stupid cowardly lazy collective arse to Do It Your Own Self. You never abandoned the plantation mentality, now you punks are going to be forced to do so. You ain’t got anywhere else to go, bub.
Fuckin’ remember it. You want to start another race war in America? We might not win but You will LOSE.

Your beloved masters in London and on Wall Street ain’t going to be able to save you from the destruction you’ve unleashed.

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