Free Peltier Now!

Leonard Peltier is now in a Fed prison in Florida. He is in very poor health and part of that is an Aneurism. The people who have the contract for the Feds are to the best of my knowledge, the same rat bastards who helped the Fremont County pigs kill John Walter. Peltier is 71 years old and was wrongfully convicted (Railroaded) for the deaths of two FBI personnel, one of them a snitch-bitch. Who were both shot by an FBI rifle.

This is a farce and the feds realize it. The Correctional Health Care incorporated will let him die. Anything to shut him up and bury their bullshit far from civilian eyes. I was hoping he would run for president again, but got to the information about his health care. Obama has a public relations (actually) deal about this time each year  where he commutes sentences of those wrongly imprisoned. SOME of them/us. So there’s an online petition to have his sentence commuted.

Which in itself might not be enough, they could very easily toss him into the nightmarish CommCorr (private halfway house with police powers…. Yeah, rich bitches get everything handed to them.) Who will neglect him further. Medicare, which he would only qualify for a partial, will keep him from State Medicaid. And they won’t do the procedure for preventing a ruptured aneurism (a big ass bubble in a very main artery) which is a stint, a short tube which would be inserted into the aorta to reinforce the arterial wall. They won’t do the procedure, funding you know, until it becomes an emergency.  At which point he might have seconds to live. This is of course not just stupid but Fucking Arrogant Stupidity.

Correctional Health Care Inc has even stricter rules. In other words they’ll get all the “medical personnel” to stand around laughing while he dies. Maybe get the guards to “restrain” him so they can pepper spray, taser or beat him with a club. Just, you know, because they’re rotten examples of humanity and they get sexually aroused by doing shit like that.

I don’t hate many people and aside from the pigs no actual groups of people. I think that doesn’t need further explanation.


Leonard Peltier is an American Indian Hero. He should be an inspiration for all Americans regardless of race or tribe. Not left to rot in some Federal Prison Torture Dungeon.

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