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Trump’s nominee for Secretary of something or another important bureaucracy. And supports more wars. Trump gonna stop the wars WHEN? Not our lifetime, according to their schedule. This comes at a cost. So much for Fiscal Conservatives. They must mean “conserving the truth” by hiding it away where nobody can find it.There’s a tax return preparer ad that we’ll be seeing in a couple of weeks, ‘get your billions back, america’ and last (this) year had a representation of 4 billion dollars in hundred dollar bills. As drug dealers know, you could count money easier with a scale, assuming the bills are the same denomination. 10 kilograms of $100 bills is a million dollars. The depiction of somebody in any shady business displaying a briefcase allegedly containing multiple millions is pure crap. It’s well known but it’s an easy deal if people are trusting enough to allow a movie or commercial to warp their perceptions.

I used to do that with drugs btw, not counting the money like that because I never had a thousand dollars in pocket ever, while I was smoking. I allowed others to warp my perceptions… but found myself limiting my intake to weed because you can taste if it’s been altered. Then I gave that part up 30 years ago. I just chalk it up as experience for writing semi-anecdotes like this.

So the commercial shows what 4 billion bucks looks like, appropriately on the deck of a US warship, probably a decommissioned WW2 carrier, 4 shrink wrapped pallets. 4 trillion
would be 4,000 pallets. I’m one of Those Fellows, I sometimes do math just for fun.

I wonders, yes I does, if we have a similar situation as when the Bonus Army got attacked by the Real Army, when there were still survivors on pension from the Civil War, Indian Campaigns and of course Spanish-American, Philippines campaign, WW1 and all the little wars, “guerrillas” (the correct spanish word for a fighter is “guerrero”) which have been a constant use of violence and fear of violence to manipulate the political, cultural and economic institutions of other countries…

Because we have people now who are veterans of WW2, Korea, Algeria, VietNam and a whole slew of wars which haven’t made the grade for history books. I just checked the really inclusive (they even counted chaplains and drum and bugle corps statistics) of all servicemen, without mention of Selective Service slavery, but the numbers ran down the page and are hiding in a corner somewhere.

When I have more time I’ll read it again and do all the math. Mind, any wars in which America indulged without a declaration of war, including the Orwellian “war on terror” are in their basic reality were and are Terrorism. It fits the primary definition of Terrorism used by the U.S. State Dept and the Pentagon. As close as a two-party “democracy” being run by the same tiny minority of citizens is to the same agencies’ definition of Fascism.

So the numbers are hidden. Hidden deep. Our Heritage Foundation Senator here, Doug Lamborn, set up the VA to fail, by sponsoring a bill to mandate VA compliance with a whole package of unfunded services. The only way vets can get any shadow of the benefits promised would be for disbanding the military completely, except for a small corps who would, like from the movie Braveheart, go from door to door in every country we’ve devastated and offering to kiss the ass of every person. I’m nominating General Mad Dog to be the Lead Ass-kisser. On an unpaid basis.
World War One soldiers got half their pay in unfunded War Bonds and a bogus promise of a bonus. And were constantly bombarded by propaganda from their own leaders to buy even more Bonds. If it’s good enough for the Boys in The Trenches, it’s good enough for General Wall Street Mad-dog. He can count the overpayment of his salary on that basis, for the entire length of his “service”, and only owe every penny for beyond the length of his miserably misspent life, and take away any widows benefit from him. Again, Good enough for the Trenches, good enough for him. And any Commissioned Officer who expressed support for the endless war policy.

Senators too.

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