Giuliani for attorney general?

Trump anoints Giuliani for AG… Because Rudy, in his capacity as prosecutor, helped Donald get away with the crimes he committed. Rudy is also famous for one real thing. He got skunked TWICE by the same group in the same place. Now he runs a security corporation that collects all your data if you’re stupid enough to buy into it. Trump and Giuliani are also draft dodgers, even though both of them made a lot of money from the Never Ending War. And they didn’t RESIST or REFUSE the selective service. They or their daddies bought them out. Trump’s trust fund, the silver spoon he had in his mouth at birth, was from war contracts.    ChickenHawks of a feather. Neither is a “self made man” although both say they were.  So if Trump says he’ll work for ending foreign wars like with Syria or Russia, he’s bullshitting. Again. He also is appointing ChickenHawk Supreme (sounds like a dish at a fancy restaurant) Newt Gingrich. Does this look sound or feel like anything other than Corporate Warmongering?

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