Guaranteed stinky breath

There’s a great big commercial hoo-hah going on about putting whiskey in hamburgers. On a quick religious notion, they already put cheese and bacon on them so it’s a double anti-kosher. And the specific whiskey is corn likker. Moonshine or Bourbon, whatever you call it. Bourbon is just moonshine that’s been aged (and they paid the tax) and moonshine is just raw bourbon. And it does more than make you stupid.

The reason it’s called moonshine is the inventor of the process said it was as smoothe as drinking moonbeams. Which would be a relative term. I’m not a drinker so I’m not in that argument. My dog ain’t in that fight. But one readily sees or smells the output of corn squeezin’s (aside from the loud and belligerent talking) Bourbon Breath. It will kill flies at ten paces. 15 if they’re indoors.

Wall street strikes again. They’ll market anything and this just proves it. They also sell breath mints. That’s for people who are impatient and won’t just grow mint plants in the garden or windowbox. I wonder, yes I does, if the modern generations even know what a windowbox is. This strangely does not make me angry. I could usually give a rats ass about people behaving stupidly. The only thing I can bitch about is that I’m going to be stuck on a bus sometime, or walking around a store, and get a fresh whiff of bourbon breath.

Oh, there’s that damn commercial again. That would be the next worse thing to smelling it.

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