Harriet Tubman to be on the $20

YESSSSSSSSS!!! Although some loudmouth right wing hate freaks disagree. Maybe Trump’s stupid mouth is going to spout something about his fellow land-thief Jackson will be kicked off the currency. Me likey very muchly!
And not just because he was selling Cherokee land while the Cherokee nation were actually fighting alongside him in the Creek Wars/slash/Shawnee Prophet Tesquatana’s war. Washington Post editorial was that Tubman never fought for Capitalism or Free Trade. Bullshit. She put her ass on the line for Real Freedom for human beings who were traded as property. And Jackson was a slaveholder. Hey, some people like the author of that editorial have a great void in their lives that they can only fill with racist crap and hatred. These are the ones who oppose all non-white immigration but say they’re not racist. The ones who like Trump believe that they have a legal and moral privilege and duty to deport all Muslims. Including those whose families have been in America as long as Jackson’s family.

They can eat their own racism. And the Donald has targeted Natives because they can open casinos on the Rez (like, whoop-di-diddlydoo) based on the fact that we have at least a little bit of sovereignty.

A birthright that supersedes the birthright of the Anglo overlords.

The one claimed by the TeaPotty and Minute (pronounced my-newt) Men who overwhelmingly voted for Trump because he’s as racist as they are.

Not convinced that’s racist? If THEY have a birthright to control all of America and not just the United States, simply because they were born here, what about Hispanics (Aztec and Mayan and other Native groups) who were born here? Oh, that’s right, they’re anchor babies.

But face the facts, bubbas, the face of America IS getting darker and there ain’t a damn thing you can do about it. Islam is as protected a religious faith as Christianity, in all its forms, Judaism in all their forms and the Native Church and anybody elses religion is protected. By not establishing a State Religion. Those who aren’t happy with that are free (unlike the slaves until Tubman and her allies) to go the hell somewhere else. Unless they do their historic hobby of pissing off their neighbors because the neighbors worship differently. The reason their ancestors and some of mine fled the wrath of said pissed off neighbors.

Gratuitous Example (e.g.) the Pilgrim church who pissed off the Catholic and Episcopal and Presbyterian churches in England then pissed off the Dutch king as well. That seems a little bit like digression from the theme. Not much really. The Jackson Faction had a religious agenda which was really about the differences between some Protestant and Catholic religious governments. And the Natives just got in the way. Actually, my Native ancestors were a nation in the southeast of what is now the United States for about 3000 years waiting for Jackson and his accomplices to claim it.

Their Manifest Destiny creed actually includes the notion that God is going to allow their bigoted nasty hate filled congregations are going to control the entire damn world. Fat Chance buddies.

While Jackson was still alive the Southern Methodist church and Southern Baptist convention were founded over issue of whether slaveholders could serve as Missionaries and still keep their slaves. The Southern Methodists rejoined the rest of the church to form the United Methodist Church.. in my lifetime. The Southern Baptists never did. So how should I be impressed with their piety? If they still harbor any hint of a notion that God ordains white Christians to own other human beings and dispossess anybody who stands in their way, I mean. And apparen obviously they still do. I’ve got this tee-shirt on sale at cafepress, involves my upraised middle finger (and I didn’t have a working digital camera at the time, so I held my hand like that over a scanner more than a minute) which says “Hey, MinuteMan, Here’s MY I.D.!” Yeah, I know the show my papers law is actually a law. Designed to keep non-white Americans from voting. Too bad.

And to bring it back to the original, Jackson’s ugly mug ain’t going to be on the currency anymore, and his entire thieving murderous racist bullshit is coming out faster and faster. I put this one onto the obituaries category because it’s hopefully going to be a funeral for Racism. While gambling is a really dumb thing to do, I will laugh at Trump and his Casino accomplices have to jump through more hoops than the Tribes do. If they can’t handle that, too bad.

If Trump isn’t a racist he sure is playing the Race Card and yes that’s another casino reference. He might believe his own bullshit. I can’t tell the difference and neither can his followers. Whether he’s lying deliberately or just deluded makes no difference. His buddies at the Washington Post, the same way. Thank Harriet Tubman and all the other people who risked their all to put the brakes on slavery in the US. We still have some hell of a long road still to go, but at least the road is visible now and usually people don’t get lynched for being abolitionist anymore. Usually. Oh, and the WashPo editorial includes the line “Tubmen or any other women” shouldn’t be on currency so they’ve cut their selves out of half the white vote.

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