Hatred and terrorism at the Social Security offices

I was there today about my pending SSI. We had a bit of a wait getting in, Security guards were letting in only a few at a time, after enough had left out. When I got in, 5 minutes before my appointment, there were 20 more stacked up at the front door waiting permission to enter. The floor plan was about ten rows of chairs, most of them so close to the ones in front that it is difficult to walk through. There’s three that are wide enough to allow a wheelchair through. All seats facing away from the windows. Metal Detectors. The terrorists (in Washington) have one. correction “won” One of my fellow sheeple said that Mr Trump was going to end Terrorism by closing all the borders and deporting all Muslims. Said that they were here to get welfare (what happened to “for purposes of killing real Americans”?) here and in Europe. That immigration should have been stopped a long time ago. She was a white woman from Arizona. A litany of pure hatred. No, Donald doesn’t have to make incendiary racial slurs. He himself doesn’t count. His own racism doesn’t count. Because his Disciples are getting far into the hate trip.

What will happen when (if) he wins and only then finds out he won’t have the power to do half of the stupid shit he promised his Disciples? What if he sincerely doesn’t already know? What would the lunatic mob he’s stirred do when they find out they’re not going to Take America Back.? Where are they going to take it? If they tried to take just North America back to Europe it wouldn’t fit.

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