Here’s a neat idea, and legal too

Go out in your backyard … no, wait, first go to a thrift store, because we all like to conserve resources, right? and buy a bunch of used christmas light strings.  Because buying new ones would be wasteful on one end, and polluting on the other, right? Arrange them to where they spell out “Fuck The Pigs!” where the only way somebody would see them would be if he is flying really low over your yard. Like, you know, the way cops do with their noisy intrusive damn helicopters. Then light it up. By plugging in the power cord of your improvised nobody-but-the-police-can-see-it yard sign. What could they legally do about it? It’s in your own back yard, right? Where you have a reasonable expectation of privacy.  Nudists do it all the time. Sort of, they just get nekkid in their backyard where somebody would have to climb the fence and the hedge and be deliberately spying on whatever the hell you do for private fun in the privacy of your own yard.

And, dig this, the Cops are so stupid they believe that any references of pork or porcine domestic animals is a deliberate insult to Them.

Really conceited bastards, too. I mean, I’m conceited, but I have every reason to be conceited. The only alternative to me being conceited would be feigned modesty, which would be just plain dishonest. Cops don’t have anything about which conceit would be viable.

So what would be their rationale, at all, for harassing anybody for doing the Christmas Lights thing? There would be no LEGAL objection they could raise to such actions. If they don’t want to see people defying them in the privacy of their Civilian Homes and adjuncts like the backyards, then they can just fly somewhere else.  NOBODY is commanding them to invade the privacy of the citizens, or to prosecute people for what is really First Amendment freedom of speech, right?  Because that would be illegal and everybody knows the cops would never do something like that, right? Use it as a screensaver and point the screen where somebody snooping in your window can see it. That’s a variation.

Just rambling. Mostly because cops really are stupidly annoying fucks and need to have their feelings hurt. It’s not often they get feelings about anything.

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