Hillary, Reagan, Shirley Temple and the Sudan Child Soldiers

I met a guy in jail from Sudan. Seems Halliburton is swarming over the country building a pipeline, to hook into the existing pipes in Libya. There’s apparently no other viable route to the sea, in this case the Med, except through Libya. The opinion was passed back and forth that the entire takeover and new puppet dictatorship in Libya was for that purpose. That conversation was about three years ago. By the way, Hillary is (although heavily invested in the fight) a figurehead appointed by her masters. So was Ronald Reagan and every other puppet president Amerikkka every had. The visible Government make exactly no decisions of their own.

As for child soldiers, they’ve been given a pass for a long damn time. During the Reagan Regime, the US state department blocked a Security Council resolution against using children as military or militia or paramilitary. Which would exclude high school JROTC and Boy Scouts. Which, yeah. They ARE paramilitary. ROTC is directly under the control of the Pentagon and Boy Scouts, you’d have to read the book by Baden-Powell and his reasons for founding them. The British Army were employing kids as young as 8 to be buglers, drummers and scouts. Kipling wrote about it in “The Drums of the Fore and Aft”. The scouts had a shocking casualty rate, because kids are really fearless. Street gangs everywhere use kids as buffer troops, messengers, essentially “scouts”.

So Scouting For Boys was written to give the lads a little bit more of a chance of growing up. A more civilized solution was later implemented, simply don’t send kids into war. People who pretend to being civilized should start acting that way.

Anyway, the Security Council Veto blocks any international enforcement. The General Assembly voted in a similar resolution, but GA resolutions can’t really be enforced. What I thought then and still do, it’s perfect irony that the veto was entered by of all people former child star Shirley Temple Black.

I’m convinced the US military would draft or induct kids in a split heartbeat if they thought the public would allow it. For the same reason the paramilitary groups do.

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