How do you stay in touch with a loved one halfway across the world

This is raw bullshit of the highest order. It incorporates the theme that the U.S. Global Police State is actually “fighting for our freedom” or for that matter, just drop the possessive and say it’s fighting for freedom. Then it adds in a cute kid, throwing paper airplanes over the hedge to his Heroic Police State Warrior by way of a neighbor gathering them up, putting them in a cardboard box, where the delighted Minion of Evil receives these messages from his incredibly gullible son (if the kid is literate enough to actually write a letter, he has to be really stupid and his family deliberately, so it seems, never taught him about how “letters” and “mail” work.) and keeps the cycle of bullshit going by writing replies to those letters, folding them into paper planes, sends it back to his propagandist neighbor throws them one by one over the hedge for the young dumbass to have an aw, shucks! moment. Any of you who was touched and brought to tears with this display of fake patriotism, shame on you.

The best way for Daddy Hero to actually keep in touch with his too-cute demon spawn would be to mutiny, stop killing other kids in other countries in punishment for their lawful governments don’t bend down and kiss the collective ass of the Oil industry and their minions, their slave-soldiers. Throw away the war, throw away the weapons (turning them into farm equipment comes to mind, it’s called plowshares) and go home and build a good home and good life for his offspring.  If he and his Comrad.. Ummm “accomplices”  spent the money and effort toward actually making the U.S. into a decent place, even for those who aren’t living high on blood money and resources taken violently from their former possessors. … If they did that they would be able to build a good life here, … but instead they spend that money and those resources to make future enemies and massive poverty and death in the Occupied Countries, and they give the spoils of all this murder and robbery to Antichrist level demons like the Koch brothers.

The ones who made this commercial drivel on behalf of their Paper and cardboard companies. And who never had to go to a war, didn’t have to redden their own delicate hands with the blood of children. No, they have slaves to do that for them.

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