I could have been an olympian

But I just don’t give three quarters of a fat rat’s rectal orifice. On the other hand, the jingoism expressed at the downtown parade celebration flustercluck whatever it was was just overbearing.
Hey, watching sports is not a measure of patriotism. Unless you have the notion that patriotism is all about mass obedience wherein all must take a part. Want an Example? Sure you do. So here goes.
The 1972 Munich with the US team being too damn crybaby to take a silver medal? To this very day? No.
The Olympic Committees are being pressured, successfully, to keep the Russian athletes so closely bound they’re almost eliminated from humiliating the American Red White and Screwed again. Can’t beat them square and fair, gotta rig the odds. Can you say What A Crock? I knew you could…
I’m not required to treat other peoples accomplishments or failures as though they were mine. Does that make me some kind of traitor? I don’t force anybody else to do it for me.

It’s not “my” country. I don’t own the land or the people. The cherokee expression for “my friend” is “you and I are friends to each other” “my” uncle: he is with my father brothers. Mother: She is a mother to me and to those who are siblings with me. Wife: She prepares my food (implies that men can’t cook and are generally helpless. Some truth to that…) But not a personal pronoun that includes ownership. So how did I wind up in a reciprocal ownership with the Olympic team? Answer is simple, I ain’t. Don’t want to, won’t in the future and haven’t been in the past. Nope.

Keeps me from joining in that crap where a victory in hockey by one team somehow makes the entire philosophy of economics in one country far superior to another, and that if the same country’s representatives at an earlier olympiad loses a basketball game it’s the other team must have cheated.

Here’s a hint, from the depths of my familiarity with sports, if you have a clock reset in the final minutes of a game, and one team outscores the other within that two god-damn minutes, that means the game itself was very close. It happens in sports all the time. So with my self made independence of organized sports or political lowjinks I don’t have to take responsibility for a group of really childish “sportsmen” refusing their medals for 44 years.

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