I could have done the agent-provocateur thing on Orlando

Probably would have talked myself into believing it was right, too. I could have become a poseur, which is French and derogatory, means a cheap actor, and it’s easy to pronounce, just say “poser” and there you have it. I could go to a mixed forum and say that, sure, the guy thought to be the gunner in Orlando might have “confessed” or boasted over a cell phone to 9-1-1 that he was doing it for Isis. (maybe he did it as a jilted suitor of one or more of the fellows on the dance floor, or one of the ladies, but the Isis thing is the official story and they’re sticking to it)  and say “but hey, the homo crowd deserved it.” I could pick any of a long list of homophobic organizations, usually religio-affiliated. The Klan for instance. Rouse a few rebels. Draw out a little extra heat to pour onto Mediterranean Ethnic types.   And the sad truth is, nobody really has offered proof that the shooter was Isis affiliated.  So far. Leads to a whole herd of waddiffs…

Waddiff they have pegged the right shooter but the wrong motive? Waddiff that was a deliberate ploy on his part? Waddiff he was instructed by a party unknown to do it, for the personal satisfaction of that party? I like the word party because it can be singular or plural at the discretion of the reader.

Waddiff the motive of such a party was politico-religious but for a far different philosophy than ISIS? There is a suspicion, never actually proved nor disproved, that Marinus van der Lubbe was a gullible fellow and the Nazis wired him up to do it. “wired somebody up” is a gang term for this kind of action.

Waddiff the war party did it to convince skeptics to join in his-her-their Holy War (another ubiquitous word, doesn’t say WHICH version of Holy War) and vote for or against a politician in the upcoming elections?

There is a great big pile of money involved for investors in the war. Historically they have been like the Bush crime family, selling arms and other supplies to all sides in any given conflict. While not committing themselves to personal danger by enlisting, or if one of Their Demon Spawn got caught in the Draft, they would make sure he had a cozy stateside duty station. At that point it’s all gravy for Wall Street in general. Some of the investors ARE (or were, this has gone on far more than one lifetime, they were doing it in the Crusades too) generals and admirals. Poindexter-Secord-North leaps to mind. How much do you think they’re vested in this particular conflict? And this could be recycled for a long series of “particular conflicts”.  In WW2, certain groups (cough cough wink nudge we know who that might be, eh?) there was a certain American family who were selling guns, ships, cloth for uniforms, commodities etc to for instance the Royal Navy of the British Empire AND to the Third Reich. And insured both the Bismarck (deutsch) and the HMS Hood (english) so it really wouldn’t make three quarters of a good god damn which side won that particular fight.

Or the sinking of the Amerikanisch Navy ship Reuben James Different battle, same conflict, same warmonger family making the same deal to both sides. Senator Prescott Bush, the one responsible for stealing the body of American War Hero Geronimo, while technically serving his draft obligation but not anywhere near the Green Fields o’ France and all those machine guns and artillery his family business financed, was censured for his role in double (more like whatever the equivalent word for Double meaning two but instead for more than a hundred bellingerent parties) dipping. He apologized, kept the money and Geronimo, and made damn sure his son George HW Bush didn’t get put in harms way. And later became the chair of the Senate Un-American Activities Committee. Fox and Henhouse, embodied in one person.

This is the kind of poseur/provocateur action which may have set in motion the Orlando gay nightclub. The location brings in yet another waddiff.

Waddiff Cuban Exile groups were vested in the nightclub, or  patron(s) and somebody wanted to silence their potential testimony in the Iran/Contra deals?

you see, nothing is absolute. Except for absolutism. Just quit doing that.







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