I really did try to give them a break, you know

Because I hate false accusations. God knows I’ve had enough slung at me. But my readers might know by now my oft-repeated recollection about a “joke” which had too much truth. The one with the Air Force pilot shooting up a flock of sheep in Kurdistan because he thought they were Ba’ath party soldiers. And by association of Sheep and Shepherd, neither is going to be apart from the other. So they blew away at least one shepherd. OR the shepherd(s) survived but had just lost their livelihood. I’m going to toss in some Greek words just to see if anybody can’t catch them. In the bucolic economic system, added in to a patriarchy which possibly spawned Abraham and was definitely in the same area where he was born, when he was born, and were monotheistic. Archæologists have substantiated it. So, on to the evidence before I lose anybody. A sheep has a base temperature of around 102 degrees Fahrenheit. 39 degrees Celsius. That’s very different in terms of how it would look on an infrared imaging device, as compared to the Human temperature of about 98 – 99 degrees F. My excuse for the pilot’s very bad behaviour was maybe he couldn’t differentiate between the two by reason of body temperature. Not so. He was/is probably an idiot with usually good eyesight, coordination and math skills.

Two brave retired members of the Air Farts put this information to me in the way of a joke.
Maybe it was deliberate, maybe not. They weren’t lying. The US government however, did.

Much like the shit that the DNC computers were hacked (maybe) and that it was done (no evidence whatsoever) by the Russian police. Not god-damn likely, bud. Especially if the supposed hack was done very recently and nobody from or in Russia has claimed it. Which is the case. (this is a short divergence, bear with me)
William Jefferson Clinton was president at the time of the sheep and shepherd massacre. His wife is now the presumptive president. All of the Democratic Party have been made to kiss her as.. er… Ring, yeah, that’s the ticket “ring”. I bet you all thought I was going to say ass, right? Good thing I didn’t

Bill Clinton and George Dumbass Bush and even Obama have maintained that in the not-as-hot war against Saddam Hussein (you’re required to boo and hiss at this point. So say the Leaders. All hail the leaders) that no Koalition of the Killing non-imperialist military(ies) fired on ground targets (nice euphemism, so they don’t have to call them “people”) unless the pilots were under attack. Like the sheep really were shooting at his stupid ass. Another government lie errr Truth we must all believe, so say the Leaders. All hail the Leaders. By now you might have noticed I sound rather fanatic about this. By the way, for those playing along with the Greek Word game, fanatic is one of them. You might have missed the others. This one was free.

And I’ve discovered repeatedly that being a fanatic for truth (a germanic word, don’t waste your brain cells) is the best and probably only good use of fanaticism.

The two brave Air Farts personnel who brought this up lo, these many years ago, might have thought it funny. That or they’re really good at faking laughter. They said the Pilot was feeling “rather sheepish” because he was having a “baaaaad” day. I can’t pretend to laugh at that. A family was bereft of their livelihood with or without the patriarch being killed in the attack. The Airmen assured me that no humans had died. On whose word? The pilot who couldn’t tell the difference between humans and sheep.

The Government Leaders (all hail the leaders) who tell us that no unprovoked air to ground strikes happened EVER. Not against people, not against sheep. They’re the same basic group of liars who tell us now that Russia has hacked the computers of the DNC.

I would call bullshit on that. But that’s not appropriate or polite.

Sheep shit is better.

As for the Greek Self Scored vocabulary test, no answers. You have to pick up a book or an ebook reader and learn it for yourself like I did. No whining aloud.


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