I swear the dude is trying to lose.

Damn. Oh, sure he said the erection is ligged. Sorry. Couldn’t run from the pun. But he forgets conveniently that he’s one part of the rig. Make it look believable to the 99% that it was an honest vote. Today the headline was that his plan to fund building a border wall would be to make Mexico pay for it. Now, here’s a really fun idea: What if Mexico just refuses? What would he do? They wouldn’t be able to lay a brick or pour a yard of concrete without having some funding. They being the MinuteNuts and their parent corporation Stormfront.

If they want to build a multi-billion dollar spite fence then they should jump their happy asses down to a hardware store, buy the supplies out of their own pockets and do the work themselves. Yeah, that’s really going to happen.

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  2. Avatar an other spam bot pretending to be human says:

    Why people still use to read news papers when in this
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    Eric, I’m seeing a pattern here. Probably a javascript attack that changes settings in Firefox. In other news, Tor Browser allows me to read and respond on the front page.

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