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From an Air Force recruiters commercial, and it shows the raw futility of going into military bondage with some starry eyed ideas about what you want to accomplish. Because Military Organizations don’t give a fig about anything other than killing. It’s what they do. The commercial had a drone pilot and an armorer (that’s the title) who was cleaning a Vulcan motorized Gatling gun. Sure that’s going to liberate anybody. The “I wanted to touch the sky” is just an admission that the Air Force believe they’re the owners of the sky.

And not just in US airspace. Well, that might not be accurate, as they decide where exactly “their” airspace is. They put up a “no fly zone” at Standing Rock, which isn’t the jurisdiction of the US in any way… to keep the People from recording the military and police atrocities using those $50 camera drones. The fact is, according to Air Force Dogma, not only does anybody have a right to fly/not fly, it’s beyond permission. You have to be under orders. You’re not allowed to think for your self. As for the “inventor”, if you invent anything while in the military, or working for any company which has any military contracts of any kind, they will take your invention, take whatever engineering you do, you ain’t getting any benefit from it. They take it, put a Classified label on it, don’t pay you any more than your salary and if you want to work or hobby-shop anything that remotely resembles it, you have to do it under their orders. My brother in law was (just an example) worked on the Patriot Missile. When they pulled his clearance, because he wouldn’t re-enlist, but instead was going to take a job at Raytheon, and allegedly was in an affair with a woman who was also girlfriend to his commanding officer. OK, you might say, he can use his expertise and work on something else. Not So. They won’t let him do his hobby of remote control helicopters. Probably to this day. Not a minor inconvenience. What it amounts to is this: They own you even after you leave the Army or any other military.

One was a medical tech, in the commercial. Do you want to believe or scorn the notion that a Military Medic isn’t allowed to give health care to anybody other than the ones the Military orders him to do? As to “is that strictly enforced?” well, no. The Marines didn’t actually punish Ollie North even after his extra-curricular activities got 300 Marines in Beirut (and the Official Story gives very little note to the French (UN) soldiers who got blown up along with the suddenly ex-marines.  They really don’t care. at least not enough to actually investigate. Manning got a ten year sentence, North and Poindexter and Bush and Reagan and the other murdering pukes didn’t get 10 minutes in handcuffs for their crimes. The way it’s worded, an Army Chaplain would have to get permission to preach a sermon or perform a ceremony for his civilian friends or family. All your time belongs to the service. On Call 24/7/365.

When you’re in the service, all you do is what you are commanded to do. They own you, body and soul and mind. If the Military doesn’t order you to help a fellow american, you would have to let him or make him die. The Recruiters don’t tell you that. Because they’re ordered to Lie and deceive you into joining their slave pit. And what about the Pentagon and the commander in thief? They’re under the orders of the Wall Street plantation elitists who make money from military action.

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