“in Donald Trump’s America…”

Ok that’s just stupid. But it’s his attack ad and I guess the scriptwriters for his campaign know what they’re doing. Polishing a turd, really. It starts with an attack on Hillary, good, she needs to be verbally slapped around a bit. NOTICE: I don’t advocate hitting people. Talking smack is way more effective and it’s also morally correct. Same with her declared opponent.
First off. it AIN’T Trumps america. He doesn’t own the place. Nor do his disciples. Then there’s the fact that America is actually two continents, and only one part of one continent is going to be represented by whichever morally corrupt power freak “wins”. and much as it upsets some citizens of the United States, the US doesn’t own even the U.S.

The dispute over the so-called right for the oil industry to put in a pipeline anywhere they god-damn please is roaring big at Standing Rock. The White Supremacists who want to put Trump in power, how much do you want to bet on whether they support the Lakota or the Oil Fat-Cats? Trump’s handlers haven’t allowed him to make a stateHatement because they’re sure he’ll fuck it up. Hillary has with her silence on the way the Taxpayer (federal) subsidized police who are in effect subsidizing the Oil Companies, are treating the Lakota. And people from more than a hundred other tribes. Nor has she or Mr Trump said anything in support of actual Indian Sovereignty. They’ve both made statements against it in the past. Now their handlers are hoping it goes away sometime in the next 8 weeks. Ha ha! Ain’t happenin’, babies.

Chump’s most outspoken disciples believe he’ll make a White Rule Republic in the sad little portion of america called the United States by literate people and idiots say it like it’s all of america. And the world for that matter. If Chump wants to explain how that would be even legal or rebuke his disciples, one or the other, that would be a good start at REAL discussion. As it is, his disciples are going around telling us that “when” he gets elected the rest of us are going to do what Mr Trump tells us Or Else. That, too, is STUPID. You would have to be suffering drug induced Moron Episodes to believe you’ll be running anything regardless of who “wins” the election. It will be who has the biggest minority of the vote, especially if you count those who vote to refuse.

In other words, the people on any side of the divide ain’t going to do a single squeaky fart about anything that even resembles making the Other Side do their bidding. Do yourselves a favor, stop going around saying that either Hillary or Donald will substantially change the Corporate Police State. You’ll seem to be more lucid, sane and intelligent if you just drop the stupid-ass crowing about what you’ll do After The Election.

The raw facts in the issue are that America stopped being either a Democracy or a Republic before the ink was dry on the constitution. It’s, to misquote Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address, Government of the People, by and for the Corporate Bigpigs and if you ain’t got the will to have a real revolution you ain’t gonna do anything about it.

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