In other news, CDOC learns Director killing was a gang hit

Instead of Evan Ebel being a “Lone Wolf”.  Wow, imagine that. The 211 crew and other Supremacist groups made it really damned obvious 3 years ago when they gave Ebel a list of instructions, first to kill the pizza delivery guy, who they considered a police informant, steal his very distinctive car (it would be really obvious in Texas, more on that later) a black Lincoln coupe, kill the wife of the director and him too but the wife was the main target, and then go to Texas and shoot several Judges and District Attorneys who were prosecuting Meth manufacturers, of which the various branches of the Aryan tree and a lot of the nuts and fruits hanging from those branches, were middle managers in the Recreational Psycho-Pharmaceuticals manufacturing and distribution franchises.

If you do Meth, fucking stop, m’kay? Because you’re financing these Socially Retarded Animated Sphincters in their psychotic Hate Crimes.

The paper with the handwritten instructions Not Written By Evan Ebel was found in his dead hand after he reached out to a Kaufman Co Sheriffs Deputy in Texas. Remember that 20 year old black Lincoln coupe? Nobody in Texas would drive something like that in the hot season, which is every month except for November through February.  They prefer white vehicles. And sedans.

You can see Texas tags all over in Colorado, but you want to hear/slash/read something funny? You just ain’t going to see Colorado tags in Texas, especially near the Metroplex.  The stupid little rat bastard (there’s no hero in this narrative by the way) knew in advance what was going to happen. He volunteered for it anyway. For this the wannabee SchutzStaffl undt SturmAbteilung creeps worship his name. I know this because I’m polite to people even and especially if they aren’t. That and a Loving God in His infinite wisdom and mercy somehow forgot to give me ear-lids. Trust me when I say that I never wanted to hear this shit.

The reason the Storm Troopers got him to volunteer for a suicide mission is because the Guards had beaten The Hate into him.  In this way the piggies did exactly what the Gestapo and SS had done in their camps. Not just to the prisoners either.  And you’re goddamn right I said that. I get tired of this, you know? The oppressed wanting to be the oppressors and willing to do any stupid shit they  believe will get them there.

Much like Military training, too and incidentally by the way. People give away their free will for the promise of power.  Ebel followed the path.  So do a lot of others, the U.S. alone has a standing military with 2 million troops. Then there’s the subset of that being Militia like the Police and private groups like the Minutemen and other Klan affiliated organizations.

I try not to hate them. By hating them I would become them.







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