International StarWarz Day

May the 4th be with you…

That started as an intellectual or at least nerd pun. The underlying fear slowly builds up.

As does the deficit, the vast majority of which is subsidizing wars which in turn are a giveaway to corporations like Monsanto and Boeing and General Electric.

Any of our readers Green Berets or some similar elite unit?  I know the puppetmasters don’t allow you to think for yourself, but you can do it anyway.  That “Freedom for Those Oppressed” motto is bullshit and you know it. Just like the Strategic Air Command that now is incorporated (a devastatingly apt term) into StratCom aka The Artist Formerly Known As SDI or popularly Star Wars. The motto was “Peace Is Our Profession” which the men and women of SAC modified unofficially to add “but killing is our hobby”.

It was for the longest time a rebranding of Bomber Command. The mission was and still is to keep a sham Pax Americana peace-by-terrorism, the Two-Superpower model was called Mutually Assured Destruction, or the MAD doctrine. The theory that the Soviets wouldn’t bomb us because we would automatically destroy them. The Third World would be left to grow a new civilization.

So, soldier/airman/sailor/marine, what if the Mayan rebellion in the Yucatan actually does something like burn down the Monsanto mutant GM corn being grown to make fuel for American SUVs?

Something that would have a very legitimate reason. The land was appropriated at US gunpoint from the Native Americans such as the Maya and pushed the Zapatista movement to rebellion? Will you go there, blindly following corporate orders and blindly believing the bullshit about liberating the people?

Because Monsanto’s paid-under-the-table Congressional Representation which is supposedly “ours” but really only the part of “our” and “us” who are 1%.  By the way, that 1% meme isn’t going away no matter how much the Corporates pay (then deduct from their taxes) to ridicule the notion… God I love concatenated sentences… but bring it back around, Monsanto’s highly privileged slaves will be all over the news media screaming about Terrorism.  That Freedom for Those Oppressed doesn’t apply to Those Oppressed by US and British Corporations. The Mexican, Guatemalan, Nicaraguan, Salvadoran, Costa Rican etc people have had just under 2 centuries of being managed from Washington and London.   Some American and British right wing will automatically jerk their knees by saying “Better than Madrid” which implies that the 1% are a slightly more benevolent dictatorship.

But the policy of giving communal land, seized literally at gunpoint, to Monsanto and the rest of their Banana Republic accomplices makes people starve. The corn that was grown before the Monsanto Mutant was forced upon them was actually edible. And even the Madrid dictatorship didn’t take that away from the people.

But we’ll use all the Star Wars technology to do it on behalf of rich bitches like Bush, Clinton, Trump, Romney, the usual band of merry pirates who strip the wealth of the world on the backs of virtual conscripts, the Economic Draft. Get the 99% to murder each other while the Draft Dodgers Bush, Clinton, Trump, Cheney, O’Reilly, Limbaugh, Romney etc etc etc… sit back feasting on stolen goods which might as well be the flesh of babies. Not fighting nor working for the privilege.







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