It was bound to happen… KISS went mainstream.

Is this the end? KISS is playing at a rodeo in Cheyenne Wyoming. Headbangers around the world go into mourning. It’s a cheerleading  concert for Our Boys in The War.
OK so maybe it’s not as shocking as Arlo playing at a Trump rally would be. Somehow I get the idea that it’s like the time I went to Arbor Daze celebrations in Euless and the Monkees, Three Dog Night and other hippie bands played in free concerts. I was glad to hear them perform live, but… It was in the middle of a field next to the library in Euless Texas.

Somewhere in that time frame Woodstock3 was being trashed and the fans burned the stage. One of my nieces wanted me to buy her woodstock tickets as a graduation present but fortunately I was on the edge of broke at the time so I just gave her a copy of The Anarchist Cookbook with the caveat that somebody would steal it from her and to not lend it out. Sure enough…. She did manage it for a couple of weeks, though.

Then she lent it to a friend-like acquaintance who stole it. I showed her the picture of “me” in it, at the start of the chapter on Explosives and Booby Traps. Actually some newspaper picture from 1911 that looked a lot like me when I had a scraggly beard. Entitled “The Crazed Anarchist”. But I digress.

This would be on the level (back to KISS) of the Beatles playing a Junior Prom. Or Ozzy swearing off eating bat heads. The last one did happen, come to think of it, so did the Beatles reference but it was awhile before their first hit and they had Pete Best on drums and were still called Johnny and the Moondogs.

I listed it in the category of Obituary because that’s the way it feels.

And I’m going to concatenate this post to the next, which is about the probable “charity” they’ll be singing to support.

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