Jack Graham says environment toxic

Meaning the “business envirornment”. He apparently feels that too much regulation is making the Corporate Bigpigs a little bit Not As Rich as they believe they deserve, and by golly he’s going to represent the Big Pigs and screw any of us poor folks who have to endure shit like radium, uranium, lead, mercury, petroleum products, smog and so forth in our soil, our water, our air, our bodies and those of our children. Also he apparently he feels the disenfranchised former union laborers are making too much money, and the Corporate Investors DESERVE many times the reward for their backbreaking efforts to go to an air conditioned office and count money all day than those dirty stinkin’ laborers who actually make the products and services the Corporates sell. Yeah, lazy bums, thinking that just because our labor puts exactly ALL the money into the bank accounts of the idle rich, means we could or should expect at least a living wage.

Of course he wants us to believe that he’ll represent We the People, but did you ever notice that fat chance, slim chance and no chance all mean the same thing?

Bunch of God-damn parasites. Hey, boss-man, pick your own damn cotton, bitch. See if you and your lazy ass sow and piglets can have their privileged lifestyle if you had to actually earn the money yourself.


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