Joe Arpaio might get convicted

Says all the charges are political oppression from Obama. Instead of, you know, the unchallenged arrogant racist bullshit he’s pulled over the years. Like targeting Hispanic and other darker skinned people for traffic stops and investigations. Most pigs simply lie about it and their Kangaroo Kourts back them up the vast majority of times. But no, not Joe. He has to jump right up and proudly proclaim his White Supremacist background. Having his dipshit Minutemen round up dark skinned people without due process and detaining them without any pretense, one case had a south AZ rancher tying up alleged immigrants with rope in a barn in the summer heat. That runs really close to concentration camp action.

And I just have to mention the pink underwear fetish. Joe, are you reading this or more likely having the only literate Klansman in Phoenix read it to you? You know, there are probably bars in Phoenix where somebody would help you sort out your issues about men and pink underwear.

But just be sure to whine and snivel about the “niggers” and “wetbacks” persecuting you. (instead of the other way around)

Momma always said coward ass nazi pig is as coward ass nazi pig does.

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