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Apparently the War Dogs movie is an out-in-the-open celebration of organized murder. Warmongering. Just judging a book by its cover. Sometimes it works.
The line “they call us bottom feeders who make money off the war and never go to the field” Well, DUH. And even if they DO go to the field doesn’t make it any less morally Wrong. You sell the Army weapons or really, Any Product or service and you’re selling human death. Period. What’s hard to figure about that?

When I was in the Air Farts I was in a MAS briefing during Tech School, the theme being that everybody in the military, even chaplains and medics, are Combatants. Combat Support enables those in direct combat to kill other human beings. And in the Modern War most of the casualties have been Non-Combatants. All of our wars since Aerial Bombardment in WW One have been all the belligerent parties, including the us of A, directed lethal actions against civilians. It’s an extension of the definition of any person in Combat Support within the Military and could be held as a prisoner of war indefinitely.

The civilians who are to be bombed into the gates of Hell are considered a support system for the aggressors. Which is subjective as a definition. There are a small(er) army of military lawyers and their congressional accomplices who spend all their time working out ways to declare babykilling to be legal. and lethal. Mostly lethal. Especially in those conflicts (All since the end of WW2) which are not declared wars.

The North VietNam government, back when there were two VietNams, would have been well within their sovereign territorial imperative to just off any pilots who used aircraft to kill civilians in a country with whom we were not officially at war. John McCain could have been legally dragged from his murder-machine airplane and just killed on the spot. The Saigon government and the US government did that and really, how many got punished for it? And on those rare occasions like My Lai and Lt Calley, which did get prosecuted, the killers were held up as martyrs to politics.

And a whole lot of people have said, in my hearing, that the VietCong were terrorists and did not have any rights.

Which is true, according to the Geneva and Hague conventions. So were the United States Continental Army under George Washington.
Let that sink in… according to even the “patriot act” declaration of dictatorial presidential powers, the “patriots” were terrorists on the same level as any suicide bomber.

So why should the War Dogs have favorable propaganda? they’ll still be rich and their victims will still be dead or mangled.

Just judging a book by its cover. Sometimes it works.

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